The one person he stood in awe of was his mother. Again his eyes sought the silent girl at his side. She had ever been a hallowing influence in his life, and to lose her would be worse than death. After tonight the glory in those unreadable brown eyes would ever shine for him. He threw one arm across her shoulder, and drew her closer.

He emphasized these last words, as if he wished them to stick in his hearer's memory. Suddenly, however, a new sound struck into the silence. It was a heavy footstep, gradually drawing closer. Round the dark corner of the road came a tall form in a long coat and with a slouch hat pulled down well over its eyes. Lieutenant Bradbury could have groaned. Mortlake nudged him triumphantly.

He only hugged the dog the closer, and wondered how long it would be before he would have to give him up. But Hans's aunt let him keep the dog in spite of her scolding. "A dog is better than nothing," she said. Hans named him Prince, for, after all, the dog was the Prince's birthday present. At first Prince did nothing but sleep and eat. Then he began to grow, oh! so fast.

A temporary defensive he considered was the only way to win the command, while to hazard a decision in inferior strength was the best way to lose it. Nothing could be in closer harmony with the principles of good strategy as we understand them now.

Be careful, and shoot up toward the tops of the trees, so as not to hit anyone. Then I'll give the order to charge, and everybody let out an Indian war-whoop or something of the sort. We won't have to do any more shooting. Now, come on; we'll get closer. Those fellows are starting now."

As she drew closer to the policeman, she called out to him. He turned and came running toward, and, as he reached her, after a sharp glance into her face, touched his helmet respectfully. "What's wrong with the White Moll to-night?" he asked pleasantly. "There's there's a woman down there" Rhoda Gray was breathless from her run "on the sidewalk. She needs help at once."

Well, Jenny, I can look you in the face to-night. Thanks to my uncle Everard at last! 'Captain Beauchamp, you have never been blamed. 'I am Captain Beauchamp by courtesy, in public. My friends call me Nevil. I think I have heard the name on your lips? 'When you were very ill. He stood closer to her, very close. 'Which was the arm that bled for me? May I look at it? There was a bruise.

"Next to her is Hermione, and Octavia, widow of Aureus Cantus and her son. All three are there!" The laugh of the Moor was hideous in its coarseness. The young girls shivered and drew closer to Octavia. "Fear not," Octavia whispered, smiling at them. God had given her great courage.

Marija made up her mind that, come what might, she would stay there and keep her place; but as nearly all did the same, all through the long, cold night, she got very little closer to the bank for that. Toward evening Jurgis came; he had heard the story from the children, and he brought some food and dry wraps, which made it a little easier.

Their hearts sank within them as the darkness gathered round them, but though they drew closer together they said nothing, for the ponies still travelled on with confidence, and they hoped that all the while they were drawing nearer to the barrow. But the mist struck damp and cold through them, weary and fasting as they were, and they had much ado to keep up each other's spirits.