I tell you, they can't fool Mark Dennen, says the guy. "Sam told me that at them words he just leaned back in his seat and stared at the jay and whistled under his breath. Years ago, it seemed, Sam had lived in the town of Readsboro, Vermont, and run up and down the streets with one suspender and a stone bruise, and the kid that had run with him was Mark Dennen.

At the Exchange I opened the door upon a conversation which, in consequence, broke off abruptly; but this much I came in for: "Nothing but the slightest bruise above his eye. The other one is in bed."

"Out upon thee! out upon thee!" exclaimed Mucklewrath, starting up: "the word that thou hast spurned shall become a rock to crush and to bruise thee; the spear which thou wouldst have broken shall pierce thy side; we have prayed, and wrestled, and petitioned for an offering to atone the sins of the congregation, and lo! the very head of the offence is delivered into our hand.

Daylight waned to twilight, twilight to dusk, to darkness. She did not think; she did not feel, except an occasional dull pang from some bodily bruise. Her soul, her mind, were absolutely numb. Suddenly a radiance beat upon her eyes. All in an instant, before the lifting of her eyelids, soul and body became exquisitely acute; for she thought it was he come again, with a lamp.

Darting from ice-pile to ice-pile, they soon reached the water's edge. There lay the guard, unconscious, an ugly bruise on the side of his head. And there lay the submarine, silent and closed. "She's off!" breathed the engineer. It was true. The craft already showed a line of dark water between her and the shore.

Returning, two months afterward, he discovered Vesta in a little summer pavilion where there had been no deaths and where she had established herself. He was a brute. She was afraid, and she ran away and hid among the trees. That night, on foot, she fled into the mountains she, whose tender feet and delicate body had never known the bruise of stones nor the scratch of briars.

"I am not hurt anywhere else, except this bruise;" and he showed a black bruise on his arm, such as almost any schoolboy can show, almost any day. "That's nothing," pronounced Phil. "The other was, though, I can tell you," declared Hugh. "Was it very, very bad? Worse than you had ever fancied?" "Oh! Yes. I could have screamed myself to death. I did not, though.

Only those who had doubted had perished, said the Mullah, and displayed a bruise which was, he informed them, the sole effect of a twelve-pound shrapnel shell on his sacred person. I pass with relief from the tossing sea of Cause and Theory to the firm ground of Result and Fact.

The Vicar had himself been summoned to give his evidence as to having found Sam Brattle in his own garden, in company with another man with whom he had wrestled, and whom he was able to substantiate as the Grinder; and, indeed, the terrible bruise made by the Vicar's life-preserver on the Grinder's back, would be proved by evidence from Lavington.

But I'll pay him out. just because he's bigger than me. 'You began, said Jane incautiously. 'I know I did, silly but I was only rotting and he kicked me look here Robert tore down a stocking and showed a purple bruise touched up with red. 'I only wish I was bigger than him, that's all. He dug his fingers in the sand, and sprang up, for his hand had touched something furry.