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After a little longer trial of the electric propulsion plates, which were found to work satisfactorily, sending the submarine up and down the creek at a fast rate, the screws, such as are used on most submarines, were put into gear. They did well, but were not equal to the plates, nor was so much expected of them. "I am perfectly satisfied," announced Mr.

And those who had known them would know them no more. The policy would be that employed by the British in the submarine campaign mysterious silence after the evanishment. "It's all so exciting!" said Kitty. "But that poor old man Gregor! He had a wonderful violin, Cutty; and sometimes I used to hear him play folklore music sad, haunting melodies."

The lad uttered an exclamation of surprise. "By Jove! he has, sir," he ejaculated. "I can see him swimming toward the submarine; and there is a man on the bridge waiting for him. Can't we launch a torpedo at her, sir?" "I guess we can," replied Lord Hastings. "What do you make the range?" "Hundred yards, sir," replied Jack. "Number three torpedo, sir!"

The British admiralty decided in April, 1915, to use some other means besides the employment of torpedo boats and destroyers to keep watch for German submarines, and innocent-looking fishing trawlers were used for the purpose. While these could give no fight against a submarine, it was intended that they would carefully make for land to report after sighting one of the hostile craft.

While it is certain that when the totals for the present year are compiled an engaging tale of reduced submarine effectiveness will be told; yet as the British Government has announced any effort to minimize what the submarine has done would work chiefly toward the slowing up of our ship-building and other activities designed to combat directly and indirectly the lethal activities of the submarine.

A sort of tacit understanding has been reached that Blinks, whichever army he happens at the moment to command, is invincible on land. But Jinks, whether as a submarine or a battleship, controls the sea. No doubt this grew up in the natural evolution of their conversation. It makes things easier for both.

"Crash!" The gun spoke and a geyser of water was kicked up just beyond the submarine. At this point the officer left in command of the submarine seemed to realize his own danger. He sprang to the conning tower, unmindful of the fact that his commander was struggling in the water. "Down, men!" he cried. But it appeared that the German sailors were made of sterner stuff than was the officer.

"Didn't you speak of Pollard's boat?" demanded Jack, his eyes agleam with sudden interest. "Ye-es," admitted Mr. Holt, slowly. "A boat that'll drown its score of men, I reckon, an' then lay somewhere an' eat itself out with rust." "A submarine boat, isn't it?" continued Jack, quickly.

In Europe, Vesuvius and Etna began their career as submarine volcanoes in connection with earth movements which finally lifted Pliocene deposits in Sicily to their present height, four thousand feet above the sea. Volcanoes broke forth in central France and southern Germany, in Hungary and the Carpathians.

But short as it was, I had the time to think several thoughts in, as far as I can remember, the following order: 'This can't be the carpenter What is it? Some accident Submarine volcano? Coals, gas! By Jove! we are being blown up Everybody's dead I am falling into the after-hatch I see fire in it. "The coal-dust suspended in the air of the hold had glowed dull-red at the moment of the explosion.

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