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"Not to die!" shrieked the old man, starting up, and clapping his hands frantically "not to die! our son Connor, Connor not to be hanged not to be hanged! Did you say that, son of O'Brien Buie, did you did you?" "I did," replied the other; "he will not suffer." "Now that's God," ejaculated Fardorougha, wildly; "that's God an' his mother's prayers.

Yet she made an end of it, and hurried away with a choke in her throat. The man stared after her angrily. "Well!" he ejaculated finally. "She's got her nerve with her. Old Himes is that gal's stepdaddy. I reckon he knows whether she's fit to work in the mills or not he hired her here. Bob, ain't Himes down in the basement right now settin' up new machines?

The admirable histrionic art with which he intensified the consonants in the last line produced a tremendous effect. Not for nothing was this man cerebrated throughout Methodism as a saver of souls. When, after a pause, he raised his hand and ejaculated, 'Let us pray, sobs could be heard throughout the chapel. The Revival had begun.

The Big Business Man had replaced his shoes, taken a swallow of water, and risen to his feet, preparing to start downward again, when suddenly they all noticed a curious swaying motion, as though the earth were moving under them. "Now what?" ejaculated the Very Young Man, standing up abruptly, with his feet spread wide apart.

"Bully for you, old man," exclaimed one of the men, amidst a grand roar, while I could distinguish, distinctly above the other voices of the crew, Accra Prout, the mulatto cook's laugh as he called out approvingly, "Golly, dat so, sonny!" "Heavens!" ejaculated Colonel Vereker, seemingly, like myself, to recognise the voice at once, "who's that?" said he sharply.

"I brought my things with me from Nome." "Nome!" ejaculated Emerson, quickly. "Yes." "Why, I've been in Nome ever since the camp was discovered. It's strange we never met." "I didn't stay there very long. I went back to Dawson."

"You found it cold enough out there to-night, comrade," said one of the men, roused by his entrance; "if it goes on like this we must get half-hour reliefs again, or some of us will be found frozen to death on guard, like poor Jean Maret was last year." "Cold!" ejaculated the sentry, "I don't care for cold, and I would as soon die of frost as see again what I've seen to-night."

"Matty Blair does," faltered Daisy, beginning, by virtue of all these various protests, to see that perhaps she might have strayed from the way in which she should go. "Matty Blair!" ejaculated Jim, again. "Well, Miss Daisy, I guess Matty Blair's one, an' you're another. Won't your pa an' ma, an' all of 'em, be mad, though!"

"Well, if she will stay at all, we shall not be so badly off as I was in the old `Ajax," ejaculated Summers. "We were always obliged to wear her, and if we could get her round upon the other tack without running more than three miles to leeward we considered we had done pretty well."

"Good Lord!" he ejaculated, and staggered away. The panic-stricken face, that met his, paralyzed him for the moment; then he laughed. "Pimpernel!" he drew nearer; "dear child, you are as full of surprises as this glorious day and the Hills. You've brought me a new sensation, a heaven-sent inspiration. What a partner you are! God bless you!" "Don't you touch me!"