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"That's right, Freddy," shouted Carey, "he'll not come now, I'll answer for it." "You know he promised he would," pleaded Henrietta. "Uncle Roger has got hold of him, and he is as bad as the old man of the sea," said Fred, "the post has been gone this half-hour, and I shall not wait any longer." "Think of mamma."

He remained thus for a full half-hour in the street, recovering his composure more and more. He had not eaten since the morning, and feeling hungry he entered a pastrycook's and stuffed himself with cakes. A heartrending scene was passing at the shop in the arcade.

This is a plusieurs facettes. I will now go to White's for more intelligence, and write more if I can, but it is half-hour after ten. The new Cabinet. I could not write last night but a few lines, but if I could, many pages would not have been sufficient, or any force of language which I possess strong enough to express all I feel from reading your letter of the 22nd instant.

His sermons were pithy and short; and he always spoke of your half-hour preachers, as illiterate prosers, who did not understand how to condense their thoughts. Twenty minutes were his gauge, though I remember to have heard my father say, he had known him preach all of twenty-two. When he compressed down to fourteen, my grandfather invariably protested he was delightful. I remained with Mr.

They could pick up one of the floating giants of our fleet, far off to the East, but North, West and South were empty wastes of water. 'Three o'clock has come and gone. I hope there has been no accident, said Mr. Macrae nervously. 'But where are those thieves? He absently pressed his repeater, it tingled out the half-hour. 'It is odd, said Bude. 'Hullo, look there, what's that?

But through the door she fancied she saw the luminous eye of the count that eye which lived in her memory, and the recollection overwhelmed her with so much shame that she asked herself whether any amount of gratitude could ever repay his adventurous and devoted friendship. Twenty minutes, twenty tedious minutes, passed thus, then ten more, and at last the clock struck the half-hour.

It seemed plain that the person or the event he had awaited with such obvious nervousness had arrived and passed; one more of the problems, anxieties or crises that join and unravel moment by moment in the human ant-hill of London, had perhaps closed for good or ill within the past half-hour; perhaps it had only begun. A message awaited Hewitt at his office an urgent message.

"There, your eminence!" exclaimed Pietro, "I have cut you." "Yes," said the cardinal; "I was about to mention it. Where was I?" "Your eminence was at four o'clock," replied Pietro. "Four o'clock already!" exclaimed the cardinal, "and nothing done; from four to half-past four, interview with the treasurer of the diocese. That's a bad half-hour, Pietro.

She'll last through to-morrow." "I don't think so." "Yes. Go to work." The miner looked at her again, in fear, and went obediently out of the room. Paul saw the tape of his garters swinging against his legs. After another half-hour Paul went downstairs and drank a cup of tea, then returned. Morel, dressed for the pit, came upstairs again. "Am I to go?" he said. "Yes."

Yes; she was indeed most lovely; but as he looked on her, Gregory felt that he agreed with Clarissa that nothing on earth would move her. He remained there for another half-hour; but Clarissa did not return, and then he went back to London. The time for hearing the petition at Percycross had at length come, and the judge had gone down to that ancient borough.