Under his leadership the Trojans and their allies, flushed with success, pressed more eagerly on their discomfited foe; but Mezentius now advanced to restore the courage of the Rutulians.

Not wishing the maid to see him tipsy, he pressed the matter no further; but applied himself to the bottle again, and drank her health with pleasure. However, after three days of this, his constitution rose against it, and he became quite sober; with a certain lowness of heart moreover, and a sense of error.

Jewel had a subject on her mind which pressed heavily, and before her companion had had time to do more than wink once or twice in his surprise, she proceeded to it. "Do you know, grandpa, I think it's hard for Mrs. Forbes to love people very much," she said in a lowered voice, as if perhaps the walls might have ears.

Minutes went by, but still she watched in a fever of apprehension for fear he might accidentally discover the combination. Unsuccessful in his attempts, he finally straightened up with an exclamation of anger and disgust. Going over to a small cupboard built in the wall, he opened it, and, stooping, pressed his finger against some hidden spring.

Romayne held out his hand. "I hope I have not thoughtlessly hurt you?" he said. Penrose took the offered hand, and pressed it fervently. He tried to speak and suddenly shuddered, like a man in pain. "I am not very well this morning," he stammered; "a turn in the garden will do me good." Romayne's doubts were confirmed by the manner in which Penrose left him.

And now a crowd of evil faces pressed on her; they sprang up quick out of the darkness, and then they left her alone. She was outside in the streets. It was twilight, a dreadful twilight; and perhaps it was only a dream, for it is always twilight in dreams. She was all in white, in her night-gown, and it was open at the neck too. She clutched at it to hide what was it she wanted to hide?

Her first impulse was to jerk back her hand from the damp hand with big swollen veins that sought hers, but with an obvious effort to control herself she pressed his hand.

"No, no," I said; "that isn't right." "Ha, ha, ha!" laughed Bigley. "Then what is it, please, Mr Clever? Doctor Stacey said bars were fulcrums, and you put the end under a big stone, and then put a little one down for a lever just so, and then you pressed down the end of the bar so, and then " "Oh! Look at it," cried Bigley.

When any object less thick than the normal space is required to receive the pressure, the spare space must be filled with a suitable set of iron flat blocks, so as to subject the article to be pressed to the requisite power.

'How can that be? Horace asked, with genuine perplexity. 'How could you have married some one else? She passed an arm about his neck, and hid her face against him. 'I left your father and he made me free to marry again. 'You were divorced? Horace did not mean to speak brutally; in his wonderment he merely pressed for a complete explanation.