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The vendors were of the colours of the rainbow, and were heavily hung with long necklaces of coral or amber, with scarves, with strings of silver coins, with sequinned veils and silks, girt with many dirks and knives, furnished out in concealed pockets with scarabs, bracelets, sandalwood boxes or anything else under the broad canopy of heaven one might or might not desire.

This is probably the sole reason why he had never taught that relative to suck eggs. Had she lived, her education in that direction must have been taken in hand. Baffled in this, Pringle had turned his attention to the rest of the human race. He had a rooted conviction that he did everything a shade better than anybody else.

I have forgotten the name of the play we had seen, and even the plot of it; all that I recollect is that it turned upon the well-worn theme of loyalty in love. Barrett seldom talked of himself or his past, even to me; and I was closer to him, I think, than anyone else in the West. But the play seemed to have touched some hidden spring.

There was nothing for me to say at this time but I determined to mention the matter again when a favorable opportunity occurred. During the ninth moon a Russian circus visited Peking and of course everybody talked of little else.

France is a rare place for gaining honours, and so it may well be, for I see not that we gain much else by our king's possessions there." "There was plenty of spoil brought over, dame, after Cressy and Poitiers."

What else could be the effect of a youth spent as the Earl of Chesterfield records: at thirteen years old a courtier at St Germaine: at fourteen, rid of any governor or tutor: at sixteen, at the academy of M. de Veau, he "chanced to have a quarrel with M. Morvay, since Captaine of the French King's Guards, who I hurt and disarmed in a duel."

She and the servants are always taking my part against the rest of the world.... She and Lucy made a bed and rolled me in it with no more questions, and left me with damp eyes at the thought of how good and tender every one is to me. Poor Lucy picked me a dish of blackberries to await my arrival, and I was just as grateful for it, though they were eaten by some one else before I came. Lilly.

An inquiry must be in some acknowledged direction, with a name to go by; or else you are not inquiring at all, only lounging; and the work-house is too good for you. It is supposed that all knowledge is at the bottom of a well, or the far end of a telescope.

I have tried for fortune and failed, I am without a penny and without a hope. You seem poor, "I suppose you cannot much help me. Let me at least stay with you for a time, I know not where else to look for bread and for shelter." Oliver burst into tears, and cordially bade his brother welcome.

"Monsieur of the pretty face," she said, in a whisper, "oh, so sad he was all dinner! regarding Miss Burgoyne, and she coquetting, oh, frightful, frightful! but it is all right now he was at the door when we come out he takes her hand 'How you do, Miss Burgoyne? 'Oh, how you do, Mr. Miles? and he leads her away before she can go to any one else. And there away down there do you see them?