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These are the two great centres for Mongols in Peking. Many of them lodge in the immediate neighbourhood, and even those who lodge in other parts of the city frequent these two centres; so that, if any one wants to know whether or not any individual Mongol has come to Peking, he seeks him at one or other of these marts.

As they could see for themselves our passports had been properly viséed by the Foreign Office in Peking, and we were prepared to stay. The soldiers returned to Kwei-hua-cheng, and the following day we were honored by a visit from the commandant himself. To him we repeated our determination to remain. He evidently realized that we could not be dislodged and suggested a compromise arrangement.

When her son was seventeen years old he was married to Alute, a young Manchu lady of one of the best families in Peking and was nominally given the reins of power, though as a matter of fact the supreme control of affairs was still in the hands of his more powerful mother.

WHILE the world that thought itself frivolous, and submitted meekly to hearing itself decried as vain, fluttered through the Paris Exposition, jogging the futilities of St. Gaudens, Rodin, and Besnard, the world that thought itself serious, and showed other infallible marks of coming mental paroxysm, was engaged in weird doings at Peking and elsewhere such as startled even itself.

On July 10th therefore he ordered that "schools and colleges be established in all the provincial capitals, prefectoral, departmental and district cities, and allowed the viceroys and governors but two months to report upon the number of colleges and free schools within their provinces," saying that "all must be changed into practical schools for the teaching of Chinese literature, and Western learning and become feeders to the Peking Imperial University."

I shall be much obliged if the Chinese Government will inform me whether or not these reports are well founded in fact. Reply to be addressed by the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Japanese Minister. Within forty-eight hours of this passage-at-arms of the 1st May it was understood in Peking that Japan was meditating a serious step.

Men take birds out for walks either in cages or with one leg tied to a string attached to a stick on which the bird perches. PEKING, June 27. It's a wonder we were ever let out of Japan at all. It's fatal; I could now tell after reading ten lines of the writings of any traveler whether he ever journeyed beyond a certain point. You have to hand it to the Japanese.

There have been no clever diplomats in Peking since G of the French Legation took his departure, and that purring Slav P went to Seoul. Of course Peking is safe, that goes without saying; but merely because there are foolish women and children, some nondescripts, and a good many missionaries, we will order a few guards.

You are to leave for Peking to-night." "And I'll not come back until I reach the town!" declared the boy. "By the way," said the consul, "where are the papers you took from the captain of the Shark the boat you fought with your submarine?" "I have them here," was the reply. "Better leave them in my safe." Ned consented to this, and later, on the march to Peking, he was very glad that he had done.

But as that is out of the question, it is necessary to seek other ways of solving the Far Eastern question. China of the Chinese by E.T.C. Werner, p. 24. A clash is imminent. These statements are apparently unfounded. From a privately printed pamphlet by my friend Mr. V.K. Ting, I learn that Dr. Other investigations are quoted to show that the birth-rate near Peking is between 30 and 50. Mr.

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