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But so much had happened since that epochal day back in Williamsburg that it seemed our parting had been fully a million years ago. It made me smile to remember how mature Patsy had been when I meekly ran her errands and gladly wore her yoke in the old days. Three years of surveying, scouting and despatch-bearing through the trackless wilderness had aged me.

The symptoms which alarm my wife are nothing but the natural reaction after a severe shock to the nervous system. The tonics I am taking will soon pull me up again; but as I am now under a special treatment by Dr. Mallison, of Harley Street, you will under, stand that I don't care about further advice. 'Undoubtedly, replied the medical man, meekly.

At Saint-Cyr, Jacqueline, who felt no difference, and speedily became a favourite of the other novices, ordered her sister about as she had been accustomed to do, and generally Jeanne obeyed her meekly; but at last she rebelled and informed Jacqueline, much to her surprise, that it was her abbey, and that if Jacqueline did not behave properly she might go away to her own.

It was predicted about this time that Davies would resign, shoot Willett, or study for the ministry. Many men thought that he bore his wrongs so meekly that he had mistaken his calling. One man, a sergeant, said as much in Corporal Brannan's presence, and the result was a scene that called for the intervention of the guard and the adjudication of a court-martial.

Suppose we say that I strongly suspect." He paused a moment, his eyes on the ceiling. "You know you've accused me of romancing sometimes, Lester the other evening, for instance; yet that romance has come true." "I take it all back," I said, meekly. "There's another thing these talks do," continued Godfrey, going off rather at a tangent, "and that is to clarify my ideas.

It seems to me that the recollection must be painfully embarrassing to any nice young girl." "Yes, 'um!" said Cornelia, meekly. She lowered her eyelids, and her cheeks flushed to a vivid pink. Such a typical picture did she make of a modest and abashed young girl, that the spinster's stern face relaxed into a smile, and she laid her hand affectionately upon the ruddy locks. "There! there!

They died of starvation and sickness, and the tighter Bush McTaggart clenched the fingers of his iron rule, the more meekly, it seemed to him, did they respond to his mastery. His was a small soul, hidden in the hulk of a brute, which rejoiced in power. And here with the raw wilderness on four sides of him his power knew no end. The big company was behind him.

Glory had been belabored with worse things than hats during his eventful career; he laid back his ears, shut his eyes tight and took it meekly. There came a gasping gurgle from the hammock, and Weary's hand stopped in mid-air. The girl's head was burrowed in a pillow and her slippers tapped the floor while she laughed and laughed.

She ended with a brilliant but short description of Val's present habits and vices which she added because he happened to have said meekly enough that if she would only trim her nails to a reasonable length, such accidents could be avoided. When she had done, her brother sat back on the lowest step of the stairs and wiped his hands on his handkerchief.

She had contrived to wash away nearly all the marks of violence: one noticed only the swollen aspect of the whole face, an inflamed eyebrow, and a cut lip. She looked up meekly and fondly as a thrashed dog. "Will, have you decided what you will do?" "No."