"She has evidently become attached to me, and will follow me about like a dog," he said to himself. "Very likely she may be of use, too, for I suspect that no robbers, nor even Thugs, would dare attack a man with a tigress as his protector. What shall I call her? Violet? Violet? No, certainly not. There is nothing in common, except I may say affection for me. Faithful? Yes, Faithful.

Two hours passed ere she could again show herself to her father, from whom she seemed in some new way divided by the new feeling in which he did not, and could not share. But at last, lest he should seek her, and finding her, should suspect her thoughts, she descended and sought him. For there is a maidenliness in sorrow, that wraps her garments close around her.

"I suspect, Tommy, you would have been very hungry before you ate any bananas if we had not perceived you," said Ready. "I won't go into the boat any more," said Tommy. "I rather think you will keep to that resolution, Tommy," replied Mr Seagrave; "however, I must leave your mother to point out to you the danger you were in yourself, and in which you placed others by your folly."

"He won't love you, I fear." "Has he got to know?" demanded Jennie. "Don't be a goose, Helen. This is all going to be done on the q.t." "Very well," sniffed the other girl. "Guess you'll find it difficult to take Wonota away from the Wild West Show without Joe's knowing anything about it." "Of course!" laughed Ruth. "But until the fatal break occurs we must not let him suspect anything." "I see.

Now go into the antechamber. My chamberlain awaits you there, and perhaps your fair Rebecca is also there already!" "But my letter, your excellency shall I not have my letter again?" "Certainly, master, you shall have it again. In a half hour I shall come out myself and give it to you. Oh, fear nothing. The Prince will not suspect that any strange hand has touched it.

One would think the sound of his native tongue would have been refreshing to him in this dreary wilderness; but, without deigning to raise his head, he merely answered in a gruff tone, "Don't know, sir don't know!" I certainly did not suspect him of knowing much, but thought that question at least would not be beyond the limits of his intelligence.

"I suspect that in a few years you will have neighbours enough, without resorting to such an expedient," replied Mr Emmerson, "but according to your present proposal, they may be better selected, and you may make terms which will prevent any nuisances." The works at the mill proceeded rapidly, and before the hay-harvest the mill was complete.

He offers the company a toast, "To Marguerite!" and when Valentin attempts to resent the insult to his sister with his sword, it breaks in his hand as he tries to penetrate a magic circle which Mephistopheles draws around himself. The men now suspect the true character of their singular visitor, and turn the cruciform hilts of their swords against him, to his intense discomfort.

You know you have to report as soon as you get in, and I said I'd do it for the crowd. Miss Nita couldn't because her ankle ached so. It turned black and blue just awful! She wouldn't say a word to anybody, and father sent some liniment by me. The first smelt so strong Miss Nita didn't dare use it for fear they'd suspect, so father sent her another kind.

The huntsman, upon this, put his hand into his bag to pull out the paw, but was shocked to find that it was a woman's hand, with a wedding-ring on the finger. The gentleman immediately recognized his wife's ring, "which," says the indictment against her, "made him begin to suspect some evil of her."