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Of these reforms I shall speak briefly and with them close my history. I. The double standard of morality for the sexes must gradually be abolished.

It was impossible to burst the door, even if it had been mannerly; it was impossible I should leap from the window, being seven storeys above ground. All I could do was to crane over the close and watch for their reappearance from the stair. It was little to see, being no more than the tops of their two heads each on a ridiculous bobbin of skirts, like to a pair of pincushions.

There were few lights outside, for the towns of Eastern England were darkened, like London, against air attacks. So when she looked at the window she saw only her own reflection, white and wide-eyed, above Aunt Harriet's fur neckpiece. In the next compartment an officer was snoring, but she did not close her eyes.

"Miss Sheldon's whereabouts?" he echoed. "Since when?" "She disappeared this morning," cried Barry angrily. "Do you mean to say that's news to you? Ask the dwarf there. He's been close to Leyden, hasn't he?" Vandersee spoke swiftly to the dwarf in his native dialect, and the little man nodded his head vehemently. "This is bad news, Captain," said the Hollander seriously.

When the party throws up his hands, he is careful an knocks the marshal's gun one side with his left hand, bein' he's too close as I says, at the same time pullin' his own wherewith he then sends that marshal to the happy huntin' grounds in one motion.

Then, as she peered anxiously out, she observed that the horseman who rode close to the carriage was a much bigger man than the groom from Beaujardin who had started with them from Valricour, and that he was muffled in a great riding-cloak.

"Very well," said Monsieur de Lamotte, "I will talk to him to-morrow, and in any case I promise you I will be civil to him. I will not forget that he has been useful to you." With which promise the conversation came to a close.

"Yes, major," a voice said, close at hand. "I am listening to all that firing." "Saddle up at once. You may as well ride with me. I am going to see what it is all about." A lantern was burning in the shed, and by its light Fergus and the orderly rapidly saddled the horses. "You had better light two more lanterns, Karl. Leave the one on the wall burning. We will take the others.

"Patty," he said, after a minute's pause, during which she had looked full into his face with all the force of her bright eyes; "I have come from London to-day, straight down here to Oxney, and from my aunt's house close upon your footsteps after you, to ask you that one question Do you love me?" "What a Hercules!" she said, again laughing.

The Spanish gunners were getting the range; the shells which had passed over our fleet now fell close about them; the tension among officers and men was terrible. They wondered how much longer the commodore would restrain them from firing. The heat was rapidly becoming intense. The guns’ crews began to throw off their clothes.