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Woodward made sundry little abortive efforts to wake her uncle with her foot. Altogether abortive they were not, for the captain would open his eyes and gaze at her for a moment in the most good-natured, lack-lustre manner conceivable; but then, in a moment, he would be again asleep and snoring, with all the regularity of a kitchen-clock.

When they returned, though I heard the laughing and talking in the sitting-room below, I was, to all intents and purposes, sound asleep and snoring. No allusion was ever made to my demeanor. I went to school as usual, and told the school-girls that I had had such a good time at my aunt's the day before that I would never go there again "as long as I lived." My grandmother and aunt died long ago.

"It is!" said I, staring at her loveliness, whereupon she flushed and recommenced combing her hair. "Thought you was asleep an' snoring," said she in her most ungracious manner. "Well, you see I'm not, and besides I don't snore!" "Tush, how can you know?" "I don't think I do and for heaven's sake why talk of such things on such a morning, Diana?" "Because!" she answered, turning away.

Old Isaac was asleep in 'is bed, and when they woke 'im up and said that they was going to take charge of their money themselves 'e kept dropping off to sleep agin and snoring that 'ard they could scarcely hear themselves speak. Then Peter tipped Ginger a wink and pointed to Isaac's trousers, which were 'anging over the foot of the bed.

Their bed was empty. He ran through the house, stumbled down stairs and into the back parlor. His father was snoring on a mattress of Yuletide parcels. His mother was curled up on a divan under the smoking piano lamp. Her hands were clutching strands of gold cord and her hair was pillowed in pink tissue paper. She was burbling in her sleep. Little Ulie bent down to hear what she was saying.

Boast a figurative term, taken from a braggadocio or boaster; it applies to any thing that is hollow or deceitful: for instance, when some potatoes that grow unusually large are cut in two, an empty space is found in the centra, and that potato is termed boast, or empty. He accordingly threw himself on the shakedown, and in a short time, as was evident by his snoring, fell into a profound sleep.

Fandor saluted the friendly constable, hurried off, and reached the Saint Benoit gate in a few minutes. "The 257th?" he asked the sentry. "Here!... You will find the sergeant in the guard-room." Fandor entered a smoke-filled room; several soldiers were stretched at full length on a bench, slumbering: a snoring non-commissioned officer was lying on three straw bottomed chairs close to a stove.

The watchman was still enjoying the balmy, and snoring in short, sharp snorts, when Master Hubert remorselessly caught him by the shoulder, and began a series of shakes and pokes, and digs, and "hallos!" while Sir Norman stood near and contemplated the scene with a pensive eye.

"Now you may say old Blaize'll soon be old Blazes, Rip. I hope he's asleep." "I'm sure he's snoring! Look there! He's alight fast enough. He's dry. He'll burn. I say," Ripton re-assumed the serious intonation, "do you think they'll ever suspect us?" "What if they do? We must brunt it." "Of course we will. But, I say! I wish you hadn't given them the scent, though. I like to look innocent.

Thus the world entered upon the summer of Saint Luke, to a new-risen sun, to thin mists stealing off the moor, to wet flowers hearted anew, to blue air, and hope left for those who would go gleaning. While Eustace Saint-Pol was snoring abed and the Abbot Milo at his Sursum Corda, Richard had Jehane by the hand. 'Come forth, my love; we have the broad day before us and an empty kingdom to roam in.