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On the upper walls of the basements of all the principal temples are several series of sculptures, each following one division of the wall. Most of the niches contain small lions with curled manes, while some in the projecting part of the wall have three heavenly nymphs standing in a stately manner with arms interlaced.

May I ask if I am expected to spend thnight prudently curled up under the office table here?" The situation was odious to him; he knew that his manner betrayed it; but if she was aware of this she gave no sign. On the contrary her face all at once became miraculously sweet. "You aren't thinking that there's any question of courage mixed up in this, Mr. Varney? Indeed, indeed, there is not.

The smoke curled up in a rude dry-stone chimney for about five or six feet against the rock, and the bulk of it still ascended in a column, although the chimney stopped, but a waving pall hung over the cave, swaying and undulating in long waves and streamers, and the air below was cool and fresh.

"Who taught you?" Her face flushed warm and dewy; her eyes wandered away, moistened and dreamy; she curled her hair-softly on her finger. "I'd I'd rather not speak of that," she said, low. "He's dead now. He called me Lottie," looking up with a sudden, childish smile. "I was only fifteen then." "How old are you now?" "Four years more. But I tell you I've seen the world in that time."

"Who erected the building?" said we one day to a churchman, and the curt reply, with a neatly curled lip, was, "A parcel of Dissenters." Very few people seem to have a really correct knowledge of the history of the place, and, for the satisfaction of all and the singular, we will give an account of it, in the exact words of the gentleman who had most to do with the building originally. Mr.

The seaman, for such was his calling, was about five feet eight or nine inches in height. His hair, as it appeared from beneath a cap singularly at variance with the fashion of the time, curled darkly round a face, the marked features of which were sufficiently prominent, even in that uncertain light, to denote a person of no ordinary mind or character.

For a few seconds Weston stood with folded arms looking upon the helpless man. Then his lips curled in a sarcastic smile. "You've got only yourself to blame for this," he began. "Did you not bet that you would defy all the power of Glen West, and lure my daughter to her ruin? You can't deny it." "No, no, I don't deny it. I was a fool, a madman. But save me, oh, save me! Don't let them burn me!"

Jane, au contraire, was curled up like a kitten, with one red sweater balled under her ruffled head and the other blue one tangled about her slim ankles.

Of the wine, however, he could not be prevailed upon to touch a drop though he did not fail to perceive the sneer that curled Mr. Clinton's thin lip at his refusal. "You don't mean to say," said the last mentioned gentleman, half-pityingly, "that you expect to remain in New-Orleans any length of time without learning to drink wine?"

Whether it was worth a coat of paint, at Timothy's age, he was not sure. The room had always been the most modern in the house; and only a faint smile curled Soames's lips and nostrils. Walls of a rich green surmounted the oak dado; a heavy metal chandelier hung by a chain from a ceiling divided by imitation beams.