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"Daughter," he said, speaking in Orofenan, I think that we might understand, "ask these strangers to bring one of those lamps of theirs that by the light of it I may study these writings." "Perhaps this may serve," said Bickley, suddenly producing an electric torch from his pocket and flashing it into his face.

"Read it, my child; it is for you," sobbed the poor man. "Read it and decide," and he handed the letter to his daughter, while the tears ran down his cheeks. Kathinka, with varied emotions, opened out the paper and read the contents. The note was as follows: BELOVED KATHINKA: You will justly reproach me for having remained silent so long, but do not attribute it to a waning of my affection.

Having given birth to a daughter within twelve months of her marriage, she died, leaving in abeyance that question as to whether the fault of her marriage should or should not be pardoned by her family.

To say truth, there was not a person present made wiser by this discovery; for Mrs Miller had whispered it to her daughter, her daughter to her husband, her husband to his sister, and she to all the rest.

The old Deodati, still weeping, threw his arms around her neck, and murmured: "God bless you, my child, for your love. Let us pray for him!" Mr. Van de Werve had left the room to call Petronilla. He returned with her, and said to his daughter: "Mary, go with your duenna. You must not remain here longer."

When Swift Wing first gave her daughter to the white man she foresaw the danger now at hand, but this was the tribute of the lower race to the higher, and who could tell!

'To to really, I feel most embarrassed, said the chaplain. 'I should not have taken 'Answer at once, sir, cried Dr Pendle, irritably. 'To whom is my son Gabriel engaged? I insist upon knowing. 'In that case, I must tell your lordship that Mr Gabriel is engaged to marry Miss Bell Mosk! The bishop bounded out of his chair. 'Bell Mosk! the daughter of the landlord of The Derby Winner?

He took the money and comforted Tomas, telling him that he could make interest with persons of great influence in Toledo, especially a nun, a relation of the corregidor's, who could do anything she pleased with him. Now the washerwoman of the convent in which the nun lived had a daughter, who was very thick indeed with the sister of a friar, who was hand and glove with the said nun's confessor.

But she is cheerful, active, and clever, and will aid Phaon and Xanthe in their young house-keeping with many a piece of good advice." "I shall go to my daughter in Agrigentum," said Semestre, positively. "Go," replied Lysander, kindly, "and enjoy yourself in your old age on the money you have saved." "Which my father," added Leonax, "will increase by the sum of a thousand drachmae.

One day, when the conversation turned on the noble military, actions by which the French nobility was distinguished, the Queen said to the Count: 'And your family, M. de Tesse, has been famous, too, in the field. 'Ah, Madame, we have all been killed in our masters' service! 'How rejoiced I am, replied the Queen, 'that you have revived to tell me of it. The son of this worthy M. de Tesse was married to the amiable and highly gifted daughter of the Duc d'Ayen, afterwards Marechale de Noailles.