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Elizabeth expected him to insist upon going back to London that night, or, at least, early next morning, but he did not propose to do so. He hung about the place next day, smoking, and speaking little, with a certain yellowness of tint in his complexion, which denoted physical as well as mental disturbance.

In this very conservative statement is shown the intimate connection between the Essenes and Early Christianity, through John the Baptist. Some hold that Jesus had a still closer relationship to the Essenes and allied mystic orders, but we shall not insist upon this point, as it lies outside of the ordinary channels of historical information.

Speaking of the organization and work of such a chorus, Professor Wood says: "In organizing a church chorus one must not be too particular about the previous musical education of applicants. It is not necessary that they be musicians, or even that they read music readily. All that I insist upon is a fairly good voice and a correct ear. I assume, of course, that all comers desire to learn to sing.

Lecount sprang to her feet with the alacrity of a young woman and picked up the letter. "What has happened, sir?" she asked. Her face altered as she put the question, and her large black eyes hardened fiercely, in genuine astonishment and alarm. "Send for the police," exclaimed her master. "Lecount, I insist on being protected. Send for the police!" "May I read the letter, sir?"

"I didn't see what I was doing; until quite lately I didn't see that you cared for me at all not to matter, I mean you were always sweet to me, of course. If I'd known how I was hurting you . . . Won't you wait, Eric? I must let you go now, if you insist; I'm nerved up to it. . . . But is it worth it?" Eric thought over the change that had come upon them since Christmas. "No.

She was now trying to think of something she might say that would be sufficiently disagreeable to make him cease to insist on accompanying her; for, strange to record if anything, in a person of that intense sensibility, be stranger than any other her second thought with regard to having asked him had deepened with the elapsing moments into an unreasoned terror of the effect of his presence.

But the good bishop got excited; he pleased himself with the thought that he had discovered a great panacea; and having once tasted the bewitching cup of self-quackery, like many before and since his time, he was so infatuated with the draught that he would insist on pouring it down the throats of his neighbors and all mankind.

Justice, as expressed by reward or punishment. When a person purposely does an injury to another, all men unite in the judgment, "He must be punished." Likewise, if a kind act is done to anyone, we insist upon a return of gratitude at least. Perfection of will. This implies that the will is strong enough to resist all opposition. David's will to go out and meet Goliath was perfect.

He put his hand up to his forehead, and brought it away wet. It dawned on him that he was barred out. He went back to the door, and rattling the handle stealthily, called: "Unlock the door, do you hear? Unlock the door!" There was a faint rustling, but no answer. "Do you hear? Let me in at once I insist on being let in!"

'They had custom for it a thousand years and more; and custom being of so long standing would be admitted legal by any impartial judge. Whether right or wrong they insist that they are in the way, and no more is to be said. But they are soon out of it again. The hill is the hill Difficulty, and the road parts into three. Two go round the bottom, as modern engineers would make them.