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The people looked on with astonishment as they straggled out of the woods, a worn-out army of perhaps six hundred men, with faces haggard, clothing in tatters, and many barefooted and bareheaded. Over eighty had died in the wilderness, and a hundred were on the sick list.

As the man staggered up out of reach of the water Barbara Harding opened her eyes to look in astonishment into the face of the mucker. ONLY four men of the Halfmoon's crew were lost in the wreck of the vessel.

The next moment he stood speechless with astonishment, for he held in his hands money, English bank notes, more than he had ever before seen. What did it all mean? "There, Doctor," sobbed Carl, who had approached him, tremblingly, "is my crime; and growing out of it is my other and greater crime. I have been and still am a living lie. My father and mother think me dead.

"I know she made more than half of that up; for, though the physicians say you lungs are very much diseased, they have never saw that you could not recover." The next morning, greatly to Mag's astonishment Carrie insisted upon going down to breakfast. "Why, you must not do it; you are not able," said Mag.

When tired of watching these he would wander into the camp of the native regiments, and chat with the men, whose astonishment at finding a young Englishman able to converse in their language, for the Fanti and Ashanti dialects differ but little, was unbounded.

"Come, mother," said Antonia, going up to her parent. "Where?" asked Mrs. Bernard Temple in astonishment. "Out of the room come." No one could be in a more terrible state of complete collapse than poor Mr. Lorrimer. The blow he had most dreaded had overtaken him. He had been as plucky an English gentleman as ever walked.

I expected that there we should reach our resting-place. At length my companion came to a stop, and I now saw, to my astonishment, a small "pirogue" resting upon the water, and hidden under the moss! So completely was it concealed, that it was not possible to have seen it from any point except that where we now stood.

Like a child, as she was, she thought herself lost in the hands of ladies so insolent; and when it was time to go to bed, she said flatly that she would not go, and that she wished to return home. Everything was done to console her; but the astonishment and embarrassment were great indeed when it was found that all was of no avail. The King had undressed, and was awaiting her.

However, it was soon with pleasure observed, that his boat was in motion; and he was taken on board before the Indians, who perhaps had not discerned him, came up. Their attention seemed to be wholly fixed upon the ship. They came within about a stone's cast of her, and then stopped, gazing at the English with a look of vacant astonishment.

The crew tumbled in, and in an instant the lieutenant was whipping up the animal, to the utter astonishment of the carter. Nearer to the mansion the party drew, but, hidden by the trees, it was not yet in sight.

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