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And in the morning the sun came in, not boisterously, but as a well-bred and cheerful guest. An amiable proprietor had permitted her also to add a wrought-iron balcony as an adjunct to this room, and sometimes she sat there on the warmer days reading under the seclusion of an awning, or gazing at the mysterious facades of the houses opposite, or at infrequent cabs or pedestrians below.

'The old fountain at Cadurcis, said Venetia, musingly, and gazing on the water with an abstracted air, 'I loved it well! 'Venetia, said her companion, in a tone of extreme tenderness, yet not untouched with melancholy, 'dear Venetia, let us return, and return together, to that old fountain and those old days! Venetia shook her head.

Let us never name her. 'With all my heart. I only wish that she, and all belonging to her, were swept back to the place they came from. He stood still, gazing into the fire for a minute or two longer. Her dry dim eyes filled with unwonted tears as she looked at him; but she seemed just as grim and quiet as usual when he next spoke. 'Warrants are out against three men for conspiracy, mother.

The stone work also is beautiful; the mullions of the windows and the thick tracery of the Gothic workmanship is as rich as fancy can desire; and though in gazing on such a structure one knows by rule that the old priests who built it, built it wrong, one cannot bring oneself to wish that they should have made it other than it is.

It looked like a sylvan retreat, and yet was as secure in its isolation and approaches as the outlaw's den that it was. He was gazing at the singular prospect when a shot rang in the air. It seemed to come from a distance, and he interpreted it as a signal.

I worked harder than ever; but it was useless. I was confronting the blank wall the wall of my natural limitations." The voice paused, and for a moment lowered. "I won't say what I did then; I was mad almost the finger-marks of it are on the rock." The girl could not look longer into the speaker's eyes. She felt as if she were gazing upon a naked human soul, and turned away.

The storm of war gathered around Nuremberg; before its walls the hostile armies encamped; gazing on each other with dread and respect, longing for, and yet shrinking from, the moment that was to close them together in the shock of battle.

'Ladywell, how came this Mrs. Petherwin to think of such a queer trick as telling romances, after doing so well as a poet? said a man in the stalls to his friend, who had been gazing at the Story-teller with a rapt face. 'What don't you know? everybody did, I thought, said the painter. 'A mistake.

The horseman meanwhile squatted down among the broom, rested his gun upon his knee, made sure that it was cocked and that the powder had not fallen from the pan, and noiselessly crouched down, gazing after the retreating steed, as she reached the opposite bank. Suddenly she drew in her tail, bristled her mane, pricked up her ears. Her eyes flashed fire, her nostrils expanded.

"Give way, my men," said Mr Brooke, and the boat shot forward, while, relieved for the moment from the task of scanning the different boats, I sat gazing at the beautiful panorama of quaint houses, narrow streets debouching on the river, and the house-boats all along the edge of the river, while smaller boats were swinging here and there wherever there was room.