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"Now that the affair is settled, my dear, I must insist upon your praising me, as I have praised you for discretion. I hope I never influenced your decision by word or look, but I will now own to you that I was very anxious that you should decide precisely as you have done. Mr. Barclay is a sensible man, an excellent man, one who will make any amiable woman he marries happy.

In consequence he had not the builder's fundamental instinct. He made no effort to supply himself with anything that did not satisfy this amiable desire. The contradictions of his conduct, therefore, become comprehensible. We begin to see why he wore silks and satins and why he neglected what to us are necessities.

But I saw a head of flaming hair, and a pair of amiable blue eyes, over the blind of a window; and it happened to be the one window of the inn which commands a full view of your gate. Mere suspicion, you will say! I can't deny it, and yet I have my reasons for suspecting.

And that is one reason why I most fervently desire our marriage should not be delayed. You would find it difficult, impossible perhaps, to get out of Lady Kirkbank's claws while you are single; but once my wife, that amiable old person can be made to keep her distance. 'Lady Kirkbank's claws! What a horrible way in which to speak of a friend. I thought you adored Lady Kirkbank. 'So I do.

Pilgrim's fellow-creatures of whom he entertained a high opinion, and that he was liable to the amiable weakness of a too admiring estimate. A good inflammation fired his enthusiasm, and a lingering dropsy dissolved him into charity. Doubtless this crescendo of benevolence was partly due to feelings not at all represented by the entries in the day-book; for in Mr.

All the servants and retainers, for none had been discharged, hailed with delight the return of their young mistress and her handsome husband, for both were alike looked up to and respected for their many amiable qualities, by those among whom they had been brought up since childhood.

"I've seen to that, though if you don't like my arrangements you can alter them afterwards. Mrs. Sandberg will take you in. She's a Scotch Calvinist, and even if she isn't particularly amiable you'll be in safe hands. We'll consider it as fixed, but you're to stay with Mrs. Hastings for a fortnight.

MRS. DALE. "She is very amiable, Jemima, is she not?" RICCABOCCA. "Exceedingly so. Very fine battle-piece!" MRS. DALE. "So kind-hearted." RICCABOCCA. "All ladies are. How naturally that warrior makes his desperate cut at the runaway!" MRS. DALE. "She is not what is called regularly handsome, but she has something very winning." "So winning, that it is strange she is not won.

She might have thought herself going up again after having only been down for a minute. The attendant of the day before, who was carrying some jugs of tisane along the corridor, winked his eye as he met her, by way of being amiable. "Still the same, then?" said she. "Oh! still the same!" he replied without stopping.

Paris drinks a million litres of water a day, but that does not prevent it from occasionally beating the general alarm and ringing the tocsin. With that exception, Paris is amiable.