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The bayonets of the soldiers were just upon him, when a British officer, admiring his chivalrous and desperate courage, interfered and saved him." Washington ordered the record of Callender's sentence to be expunged from the orderly book, effected his exchange, and restored him his commission. Yet in too many of the cases the sentence of incompetence or cowardice was just.

But we'll soon see." The fat man produced a mallet from behind his back. "No nonsense," he snarled. "I thought you said we were both naked men," replied Silver, folding his arms. "Never mind what I said," the other answered. "Keep your distance, or I'll puddle you into a pulp." Jim regarded the other with admiring eyes. "You learned more at Oxford than I did," he said.

Their fires were formed in a wide circle, and the cooking went merrily on, amid the pleasant song and jocund cries. Our own brief halt was just concluded, when the bugles sounded to resume the march; and I stood for a moment admiring the merry gambols of the infantry, when an air I well remembered was chanted forth in full chorus.

Before us, at the foot of an overhanging rock, was a beautiful clear pool. What a glorious sight! We wasted no time in admiring it from a distance, and each in turn plunged into the cool water, whilst the other kept watch on the rocks above.

Both young ladies deliberately stood, looked for a minute into the nearest shop window, and then retraced their steps to pass the handsome stranger again. As soon as they were within view, Bella cast such admiring eyes on the face that had attracted her so, that the owner of it, drawing his well scented cigar from his lips, asked his friend. "I say, Airey, who are those young ladies just passed?"

The women are, I think, beautiful not so much in face as in form and carriage. I am never weary of watching and admiring their inimitable grace of movement.

"I should have known that living-room was yours if I hadn't had your Aunt Lucy's famous old desk to give me a clue. O, Len, the very back of you is enchanting!" Ellen turned to laugh at Charlotte Ruston's characteristic fervour of expression. "I remember you are always admiring people's backs," she observed. "Yes, they're often so much more interesting than their faces.

Embarrassed by the admiring gaze which she felt fixed upon her, Felicia resumed: "Apropos, I have seen him, you know, your Nabob. Some one pointed him out to me last Friday at the opera." "You were at the opera on Friday?" "Yes. The duke had sent me his box." Jenkins changed colour. "I persuaded Constance to go with me.

The oysters and the delicious broiled fish which had formed the first two courses of our dinner had been removed by her sister a few moments before. Dicky had not been so absorbed in his meal, however, as to miss any graceful movement of Miss Draper's. The admiring glances which he gave her as she served us with quick, deft motions were not lost upon me.

The fact remains that Jackson's camps, six miles to the rear, were never once alarmed, nor could Banks obtain any reliable information. This period of repose was spent by Jackson in reorganising his regiments, in writing letters to his wife, and, like his old class-mate, Gordon, in admiring the scenery. It is not to be supposed that his enforced inaction was altogether to his taste.