To bring up a daughter who would deliberately accept a man from "the States," and to have a wife who would aid and abet such an action, giving comfort and support to the enemy, seemed to him traitorous to all the traditions of 1812, or any other date in the history of the two countries.

One entire afternoon, which I had intended should be devoted to the National Art Gallery, was wasted I use the word wasted deliberately in idle and purposeless contemplation of the show windows in a retail merchandising resort known as the Burlington Arcade.

The man of perfectly refined manners does not consciously and deliberately on each occasion observe the courtesies and amenities of good society. They have become to him a second nature, and he observes them as by a kind of instinct, without thought or effort.

The tension in tone and attitude was extreme. His hands were clasped in front of him, as if imploring sight through the eyes of another. His thin white face, worn with suffering, looked so eager and yet so blank. "Describe her to me, doctor," he said; "this Nurse Rosemary Gray, as you call her." "But it is not a pet name of mine, my dear sir," said Dr. Rob deliberately.

When on the top of this I am able to show that the blood mark on the windowsill was deliberately placed there by Barker, in order to give a false clue to the police, you will admit that the case grows dark against him. "Now we have to ask ourselves at what hour the murder actually did occur. Up to half-past ten the servants were moving about the house; so it was certainly not before that time.

Now not one but a score saw it, felt a terrible ice-cold menace creep from his brain into their brains. Even yet he did not speak, did not make a sound; nor did they. Explain it as you will, he did this thing. Another thing he did as well; and that was the end. Slowly, deliberately, he stepped to the platform and held out his hand. Obediently the girl followed. She was not crying now.

Others have other work to do as regards humanity, as regards the destinies of the nations, and so on, but these particular people are still in close touch with the humanity to which They belong, and They deliberately refuse to go on away from it, remaining with it until humanity, at least with regard to very, very large numbers of its members, has reached the position in which They stand to-day, as the promise of what humanity shall be, the first-fruits of humanity as it is.

"Well, hurry up and get back," said his master, "or we shall be home before you." With renewed bowings he disappeared. Asako was laughing. "We can never get rid of Tanaka," she said, "can we? He follows us like a detective." "Sometimes I think he is deliberately spying on us," said her husband. "Cheer up," said Reggie, "they all do that." The party dispersed at the Imperial Hotel.

"Yes oh, yes!" for the minutes seemed hours "let us go instantly;" and I sprang from the tombstone, while Père Séguin proceeded deliberately to fill up the holes, and replace the turf, whistling through his moustache just as if he had been in the middle of his garden. "One hundred and thirteen! I like that number." "So do I, Père Séguin; but do let us be going.

When he did move it was done very deliberately, and on arriving at Gravelly Run he found the stream swollen from the recent rains so that he regarded it as not fordable. Sheridan of course knew of his coming, and being impatient to get the troops up as soon as possible, sent orders to him to hasten. He was also hastened or at least ordered to move up rapidly by General Meade.