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But Jacques won't be likely to recognise him among so many; and if he does, I rely with confidence on his powers of restraint and forbearance. By the way," he continued, glancing upwards, "it is past noon, and the Indians will have begun to assemble, so we had better hasten back, as we shall be expected to help in keeping order." So saying, he rose, and the young men returned to the fort.

"Hasten, then," said Marianne, rising from her seat "hasten to Schonbrunn, and remember that I am waiting for your return with trembling impatience and suspense." She gave her hand to the major. "Good Heaven, your highness!" he exclaimed, in terror, "your hand is as cold as marble." "All my blood is here," she said, pointing to her heart. "Hasten to Schonbrunn."

A few words served to tell us how Cousin Silas had reached the shore a little way above the station, with old Surley as his companion; how kindly he had been received, and how promptly every one rushed to man the boats to hasten to our rescue. In less than an hour we were at the station, when the schooner and the other boats soon returned.

The Viscount Massetti was the first to realize the necessity of a rapid push for Rome. He was faint from loss of blood and excitement; besides, his shattered arm throbbed violently and gave him twinges of excruciating pain. He felt himself sinking and urged his friend to hasten. Espérance acquiesced, and, supporting the young Italian as best he could, they resumed the homeward journey.

To hasten these and to carry on further military plans, France united with Spain in a projected expedition against the English possessions in the West Indies. For this purpose Lafayette, in December, 1782, went to Cadiz as chief of staff, where an armament of sixty ships and twenty-four thousand men were assembling.

And as for fame and power, trust me, sir, I have seen too many men in my time that lived very unhappily though their names were upon all lips, and died very sadly though their power was felt in many lands; too many of these great ones have I seen that spent their days in disquietude and ended them in sorrow, to make me envy their conditions or hasten to rival them.

It was a death-bed repentance for the cruel old empire, a repentance which might delay, but could not avert a calamitous ending, and an unexpected event was near at hand which would hasten the coming of the end.

Now, however, it seemed insufficient and wholly inadequate to the importance of the case. Greif must marry Hilda, and the letter must not be destroyed, for it might prove a valuable instrument with which to hasten or direct the march of events. After all were the Sigmundskrons the only relations?

To Governor Brigdar and his four refugees M. de Radisson was all courtesy. "And how comes Your Excellency to be out so late with ten men?" he asked, as we supped that night. "We heard that you were here. We were coming to visit you," stammered Governor Brigdar, growing red. "Then let us make you so welcome that you will not hasten away!

Strange propensity in man! even nature in us seems contradictory to herself! we wish long life, yet shorten it by our own anxieties; nothing is so dreadful as death, yet we hasten his approach by our intemperance and irregularity, and, what is more, we know all this, yet still run on in the same heady course.