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Not that it was just on Sir Miles's part to turn upon George, and be angry with his nephew for refusing the offer of promotion made by his Royal Highness, for Sir Miles himself had agreed in George's view of pursuing quite other than a military career, and it was in respect to this plan of her son's that Madam Esmond had written from Virginia to Sir Miles Warrington.

ALVA. The king will never hesitate to grant Your highness a request so just. Permit That I conduct you to him. CARLOS. Here I stay Until the king or all Madrid shall come To lead me from my prison. Take my answer. He is still seen for some time lingering in the court and giving orders to the guards. CARLOS and MARQUIS POSA. What means all this? Inform me, Roderigo Art thou not, then, the minister?

"The least you can do, Madame, is to give me her address." "Her address!" repeated the duke relievedly. He had had certain grave doubts, but these now took wing. Old flames were not in the habit of asking, nay, demanding, other women's addresses. "I am speaking to Madame, your Highness," came sharply. "We do not speak off the stage," said the singer, pushing the duke aside.

She heard her father's name spoken in the King's unmistakable tones, at once harsh and muffled. Every word came to her from the other room, as if she were present. "Mendoza," said Philip, "I have private matters to discuss with his Highness. I desire you to wait before the entrance, on the terrace, and to let no one pass in, as we do not wish to be disturbed."

An older man said: "Don't press His Highness, Lord James. Don't you see that he's an American and therefore privileged?" "I'm privileged," said John, "because I was with you fellows from Belgium to Paris, and since then I've been away saving you from the Germans." Lord James laughed. He had a fine face and all embarrassment disappeared from it. "We want to be friends," he said. "Shake hands."

I do not prim my mouth, tutor my eyes into sobriety, nor say Amen, like old Will's Macbeth, to those who say 'God bless us! I laugh my laugh, and look my look, and say my say, though I am youngest, and, by God's grace, wildest of his Highness the Protector's children." "Where got you your gay spirit, Lady Frances?" said Constantia, rising and stepping towards her.

"Grant me patience!" said Manfred, "will this wench never come to the point? what imports it to the Marquis, that I gave thee a bauble for thy faithful attendance on my daughter? we want to know what thou sawest." "I was going to tell your Highness," said Bianca, "if you would permit me.

Besides, you highness knows how much she detests going out, and also that her character has a spice of wildness in it." "So!" thought Madame, "this extreme delight hardly seems natural to me." "She has already made all her preparations for dining in her own room tete-a-tete with one of her favorite books.

The white-sailed vessel on which their eyes were fixed, came curtseying over the waves through a perfect arch of splendid colour, like a fairy or phantom ship evoked from a poet's dream. "Absent all day, as he has been," said De Launay, "his Royal Highness is punctual to the promised hour of his return."

Frank turned to him, and his eyes flashed. "Don't look like that," continued the Prince. "I am not angry with you now. I believe you, and I like your brave, honest way in defending your father. But you see how all this is true." "No!" cried the boy firmly. "Your Royal Highness and the Princess have been deceived.