'I pray thee SEND HIM TO MY FATHER'S HOUSE. Ah, friends and neighbours, it is like you little think of this, that some of your friends and relations are crying out in hell, Lord, send some body to my father's house, to preach the gospel to them, lest they also come into these torments.

"Well, my friends, I can tell you that I think there is a chance, though a slight one, that you may escape hanging," he observed, as he rode alongside them in a familiar fashion, two of his men going in front and two guarding the rear.

"Stand back, girl!" cried Sizer in a fierce tone; "it's that coward editor I'm after," pointing his whip with trembling hand at Arthur. "My sister Molly may be rough, an' hev a rough smile, but I'll be dinged ef I don't skin the man thet prints it in a paper!" "Good fer you, Bill!" murmured his friends, approvingly. Arthur leaned back and regarded his accuser in wonder.

"The friends attending the Barnet Conference heard of my wish and shared my burden." The following letter to Dr. Elwin shows the sympathy that he felt in her work:

He was not consulted in the nomination of Cerisante; accordingly it gave him much uneasiness, which he did not dissemble : he regarded this Agent as a spy sent to observe his conduct, and his mission as a proof that the Ministry were not satisfied with him: this greatly contributed to increase the disgust he had taken to his embassy, which he had already hinted in confidence to some of his friends.

It was the story of an old municipal captain who had traveled and returned to enlighten his friends at home.

The next morning was very wet, the sort of morning on which male neighbors who have no imperative occupation at home are likely to pay their fair friends an illimitable visit.

A regular case of beauty and the beast, ain't it?" "As one of her friends, I ask of you not to oppose her lawful possession of this little vineyard." "In the grape business, is she?" "I speak, señor, in metaphor. The land is barren, of no value except for sheep grazing." "Are you asking me to sell my title or give it?" "It is a bagatelle a mere nothing. The title is but waste paper, I do assure.

She and I are excellent friends, and, to tell the truth, I think I like her better than any other woman that I know; but I never should have been intimate with her, had it not been for your sake." "And now you will have to quarrel with her, also for my sake?" "Not at all. You'll find that whether she accedes to my proposition or not, we shall continue friends.

But his domestic concerns were in an unhappy condition many of his friends and acquaintance having died in the plague time, and those of his family having long since been in disorder and in a kind of mutiny against him.