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These remarks, with the exhilarating petition, caused an amount of irreverent speculation as to who was the person alluded to.

People incessantly confound duty with the thing as it is." We shall proceed to give a short account of one or two dialogues in which he endeavours to keep clear of this confusion. By far the most important of these is Rameau's Nephew. The fortunes of this singular production are probably unique in literary history.

Such a pageant would, even in these sober days, rouse London from her cold propriety. Having thrown aside his academic robe, each masquer had donned a fantastic dress of silver cloth embroidered with gold lace, gold plate, and ostrich plumes.

Want of culture, Pharisees, and narrow-mindedness find a more congenial home there than anywhere else in Australia; but, to my mind, these are a cheap price to pay for the piety and real goodness which they cloak.

In writing to his sister, Mr. Ware speaks tenderly of his late wife and says, "I have sought for the best mother to her children, and the best I have found." Late in life, one of these children said, "Surely God never gave a boy such a mother or a man such a friend." Miss Pickard engaged to be a very docile wife.

If a bad mood come to such persons as these, it is to be shaken off by a direct effort of the will, under all circumstances. There are moods, however, for which men are not responsible, and the parent of these is sickness the feeble or inharmonious movements of the body.

These were: "Strew two shuffefuls of ashes into the volt, but don't spill two shuffefuls onto the floor. By order of the Gurl who has to sweap up." This order was emphatically approved of by those fastidious ones who didn't have to "sweep up."

It is screened by bunches of tall grass, and I expect that many a time I have ridden within a few feet of it when alone, and if my horse had happened to slip down on any one of these times, we probably would have been sucked from the face of the earth, and not one person to come to our assistance or to know what had happened to us.

These leading functions of the State were left in full force under the Confederate Government; and the Confederate Government being now destroyed, and the States that composed it being under the complete domination of the armies of the Union, the whole framework of society was in confusion, if not indeed in chaos.

From these estates Rob Roy assumed sometimes the title of Craig Royston, sometimes that of Baron of Inversnaid, a term long applied in Scotland to puisne lairds. The influence of an energetic and powerful mind was now plainly exhibited in the celebrity which Rob Roy soon acquired in the neighbouring counties.