One Sunday morning, however, the office wore a deserted look. The Dutch inhabitants were engaged in courteously escorting those of British birth or sympathies over the border, and I was alone. After a long interval of silence the instrument began ticking off a message "Elandslaagte flight lancers!" Then came the list of the fallen. Name after name of well-known men fell like lead upon the ear.

Ben Arsli opened his eyes the Chasseur slept on; the newcomer was one of those great ladies who now and then winter in Algeria. Her carriage waited without; she was alone, making purchase of those innumerable splendid trifles with which Algiers is rife, while she drove through the town in the cooler hour before the sun sank into the western sea.

We're down, both of us, in the mud; but you're high up in the world. You're of importance now. Maybe they'd do for you what they wouldn't for one of us." "I don't know what you mean. I'm in the dark." "How could she know?" Dauntrey asked his wife, controlling his rage. "We've lost everything in this beautiful hell," Eve explained sullenly. "Haven't you heard any news of us this last week?"

Rollo and Nathan measured with the reel and line, while Oliver planted a stake firmly in the snow at the four corners of the square. According to Jonas's advice, the evening before, they had agreed to make their fortification twelve feet square, and the walls about one foot thick.

Lidgerwood," was the response of the one who was loyal to his salt, and the superintendent put on his light coat and went out and down the stair.

His mother has made courtiers of them again; and he, who looks for everything from the magic arts, has never yet met a Magian who could have been one of them." At this the Syrian clapped his hands, exclaiming: "And you propose to use Philip as your signbearer to talk to the emperor of a thaumaturgist who is hand in hand with all the learning of the Museum? A cursed good idea!

In front of one section of these trenches the Russians had cut down a piece of woodland between 150 and 300 feet wide. They had then left the trees on the ground wherever they happened to have fallen and covered the entire space with a confusion of barbed-wire entanglements."

One of her two fellow-servants, known technically amongst us as the 'parlor maid, was also, but not equally, attached to her mistress; and merely because her nature, less powerfully formed and endowed, did not allow her to entertain or to comprehend any service equally fervid of passion or of impassioned action. She, however, was good, affectionate, and worthy to be trusted.

Macdonald came into the room, and, walking directly up to Salemina, kissed her hand respectfully. "Miss Salemina," he said, with evident emotion, "I want to borrow one of your national jewels for my Queen's crown." "And what will our President say to lose a jewel from his crown?"

'Tis within sight o' the old home, too, or ruther o' the spot where the old home used to be: an' though 'tis little notice she seems to take o' things, one never can tell if poor creatures in that state hain't pleased behind all their dazed looks. What do you think, sir?" The whistle sounded up the valley, and mercifully prevented my answer.