The marriage treaty was signed on January 12th: within a week, there was a rising in Devon the Courtenay country a premature movement in the great conspiracy known as Wyatt's rebellion.

And suppose that some day when a blizzard struck them and the cars were not running, Ona should have to give up, and should come the next day to find that her place had been given to some one who lived nearer and could be depended on? It was the week before Christmas that the first storm came, and then the soul of Jurgis rose up within him like a sleeping lion.

It was not till nearly a fortnight had come and gone half the time they were to spend at Kingshaven that some words of his father's set Harry thinking of this very subject, and the thing struck him as it had never done before. Mr. Leslie had come down at the end of the week, as he always did, to spend Sunday with his family, and to see how his little sick boy was getting on.

They stayed a week in Paris, where Helen bought more dresses and declared herself supremely happy; they visited the falls of the Rhine, which Maurice said deafened him; and ran through Switzerland, which they both voted detestably uncomfortable and dirty the hotels, bien entendu, not the mountains. They stopped a night on the St.

Trollope says; and where and how were we to get it? We knew very few persons in the city; and how were we to accomplish the matter? At length the "house of employment" was mentioned; and my husband was dispatched thither regularly every day for a week, while I, in the mean time, was very nearly dispatched by the abundance of work at home.

When we consider that all this floral exuberance occurs in the midst of March, there does not appear much ground for complaining of the Roman climate; and so long ago as the first week of February I found daisies among the grass, on the sunny side of the Basilica of St. John Lateran.

"Ah!" she cried, in a great voice, "you will not have to wait, nor Clement either. Here is the will! The children have come into their own." And she fell at their feet in a dead faint. "Where did you find it? Oh! where did you find it? I have waited a week to know.

My boy must go to the Council School it does appear; but thicky man will give him more teaching in a week than school-master in a year and there he goes o' Saturdays and wants no driving, moreover." He returned to his beer, thoughtful-eyed.

Being in want of plank I directed a saw-pit to be dug and employed some of the people to saw trees into plank. The greater part of this week the winds were moderate with unsettled weather. Friday 29. On Friday it blew strong from the south-west with rain, thunder, and lightning. We continued to catch fish in sufficient quantities for everybody and had better success with the seine.

One morning as she left Saint-Gatien, after Birotteau and his friend Mademoiselle Salomon had spent a few evenings with her and with the faithful and patient Troubert, she said to certain of her good friends whom she met at the church door, and whose slave she had hitherto considered herself, that those who wished to see her could certainly come once a week to her house, where she had friends enough to make a card-table; she could not leave the Abbe Birotteau; Mademoiselle Salomon had not missed a single evening that week; she was devoted to friends; and et cetera, et cetera.