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Not content with hounding the Apostles from that city, they came raging after them to Lystra, where there does not appear to have been a synagogue, since we hear only of their stirring up the 'multitudes. The mantle of Saul had fallen on them, and they were now 'persecuting' him 'even unto strange cities.

The number of useful and productive labourers, it will hereafter appear, is everywhere in proportion to the quantity of capital stock which is employed in setting them to work, and to the particular way in which it is so employed.

By and by, Margaret called her brother to sing with her. "Come, Faithie," said Paul, drawing her gently by the hand. "I can't sing unless you go, too." Faith went; more, it seemed, of his will, than her own. "How does that appear to you?" said Mr. Rushleigh to his wife. "Is it all right? Does the child care for Paul?" "Care!" exclaimed the mother, almost surprised into too audible speech.

Have they nothing better to engage them than holding up officers on the Queen's trunk road?" "Supposing you tell me what's the matter?" suggested young Bellairs, prompt as are most of his breed to appear casual the moment there was cause to feel excited. "Your gunners have taken all my breath, sir. I can't speak!" "You shouldn't take chances with a section of artillery!

Lindsey. "All right hold your tongue now, and I'll see what I can do. I'll appear for you when you come before the magistrate tomorrow." He tapped at the door of the cell, and Chisholm, who had evidently waited in the corridor, let us out. Mr. Lindsey said nothing to him, nor to the superintendent he led me away into the street. And there he clapped me on the arm.

"It is a novel with 'body, with a large and timely idea back of it, with sound principles under it, and with a good crescendo of dramatic thrills." Chicago Record-Herald. "To the reader the characters will appear as real as friends they know all of their aims, and likes, and hatreds being portrayed as true to life as snapshots caught by moving-picture cameras." Boston Globe.

If we were to prophesy that in the year 1930 a population of fifty millions, better fed, clad, and lodged than the English of our time, will cover these islands, that Sussex and Huntingdonshire will be wealthier than the wealthiest parts of the West Riding of Yorkshire now are, that cultivation, rich as that of a flower-garden, will be carried up to the very tops of Ben Nevis and Helvellyn, that machines constructed on principles yet undiscovered will be in every house, that there will be no highways but railroads, no travelling but by steam, that our debt, vast as it seems to us, will appear to our great- grandchildren a trifling encumbrance, which might easily be paid off in a year or two, many people would think us insane.

This is the answer: "Beloved, now are ye the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is." TEXT: "My Spirit shall not always strive with men." Genesis 6:31.

They were not a little astonished to see their host and his friend, who, as they fancied, had been overcome with wine, now appear among them quite brisk and sober. But what astonished them still more was the circumstance, that whereas they had both been carried off to their respective bedrooms a few moments before, they now both came out of the countess's chamber.

Both call themselves conservative, both are anti-philanthropists, both claim that public opinion is tending in the direction of their views, both affirm that their cause is that of the white man, and both appear to mean by white man the same thing, the owner of a slave. But is not Mr.

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