He knows, if he is caught tripping in a casual expression, he forfeits, for himself, at least, his claim to the invidious exemption.

Ye see, Deacon Brown, he'd got a way of blaming everything on to her. I don't suppose the deacon meant it, 'twas just his way, but it's awful wearing. When things wore out or broke, he acted just as if Mis' Brown did it herself on purpose; and they all caught it, like the measles or the whooping-cough.

"It strikes me as a failing for which I have to bear part of the consequences." Flora laughed. "If you felt that you had to make an excuse for coming, couldn't you have made a more flattering one?" "Ah!" said Edgar, "you have caught me out. But I could give you a number of better reasons. It isn't my fault you resent compliments."

"I have wanted a son," said Charles the Fair, "but more than a son have I wanted you, heart of my heart." Outside in the courtyard the Fool had drawn a circle about him. "I am adventuring," he said. "Yesterday I caught this horse when the others ran from him. Then I saved a lady and brought her to her destination. This being the Christmas season and a Sunday, I shall rest here for a day."

You want a thing; you must have it; you do have it. Vera was caught unawares by this magnificent and overwhelming experience, just as she stooped to finger the music-stool. A fig for the cigar-cabinet! A fig for her husband's objections! She was not and would not be a slave. It would look perfect in the drawing-room. 'I'll take it, she said. 'Yes, Mrs Cheswardine. A unique thing, quite unique.

To be sure, the portrayal of Yankee character began before either of these artists was known; Lowell's Bigelow Papers first reflected it; Mrs. Stowe's Old Town Stories caught it again and again; Mrs. Harriet Prescott Spofford, in her unromantic moods, was of an excellent fidelity to it; and Mrs. Rose Terry Cooke was even truer to the New England of Connecticut. With the later group Mrs.

She dipped the iron spoon in the pot and, extending her left arm, deliberately allowed some drops of the scalding liquor to fall on the bare flesh. He saw the arm wince, saw red blisters spring out on the white skin, he caught the sharp indraw of her breath, but he did not move.

Far-off as it was, the light it cast had enabled them to see the breakers much sooner than they otherwise would have done, and had been the means thus of saving their lives. Daylight now appeared, and a glimpse was caught of the sun through an opening in the cloud just above the horizon.

In the second corridor he had to stop and lean, but then descended, striking all whom he passed with awe at his face, till he stumbled into his own drawing-room, and, as he fell, was caught by Sir Francis Yeames, the Private Secretary.

"Because a part of the common folks holds with him, and the other part thinks he is in league with the devil." "I would set a high price on his head and give it to whomsoever caught him."