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When my wife was converted, it seemed as if the devil took possession of me altogether, and the Lord warned me again last night." "Come now," I said, "you had better kneel down here and give up." It was a lonely road on a bare common. "Kneel down," I repeated, "and let us pray." He did so, and after prayer he said, "By God's help. I will give up." "No," I replied, "that will not do.

"No, not the devil; Miss Penrhyn." "And who the devil is Miss Penrhyn?" "The new English, or rather, Welsh beauty, Weir Penrhyn," replied Hollington. "She came out last season in London, and the Queen pronounced her the most beautiful girl who had been presented at Court for twenty years. Such a relief from the blue-eyed and 'golden-bronze' professional! She will pass in a moment.

The first time she didn't know any better and the second time she was hot at me for hinting she was scared. She's a spunky little devil, all right. She's busy hating me right now for running the grade thinks I did it to scare her, I guess. That's all some fool women know." "She's a howling sport, then!" groaned Cal, who much preferred the Sweet Young Things. "No I sized her up as a maverick."

"Speak less lightly and wantonly, friend," said the divine; "we are to resist the devil that he may flee from us, and not to tamper with him, or enter into his counsels, or traffic with the merchandise of his great Vanity Fair." "Mind what the good man says, Wildrake," said the Colonel; "and take heed another time how thou dost suffer thy wit to outrun discretion."

Shangois, the notary, met his eye as they dashed on. A new sensation not a change in the elation he felt, but an instant's interruption came to him. He asked who Shangois was, and Nicolas told him. "A notary, eh?" he remarked gaily. "Well, why does he disguise himself? He looks like a ragpicker, and has the eye of Solomon and the devil in one.

Tares might be torn suddenly from the human heart, but not the root of evil. If he could not kill the devil, at least he could circumvent him. Such intense hatred of evil as still consumes his being is not popular in these days, and may perhaps be regarded as irrational.

And yet these poor souls are so horribly deluded by the devil, that though they see these things come to pass, yet they will not believe.

And he said unto me: Behold there are save two churches only; the one is the church of the Lamb of God, and the other is the church of the devil; wherefore, whoso belongeth not to the church of the Lamb of God belongeth to that great church, which is the mother of abominations; and she is the whore of all the earth.

Some indeed have declared that to see him was to understand the Evil One and all his works. At the moment of Leonard's and Otter's introduction to his society, the Yellow Devil was about to make a speech, and all eyes were fixed on him so intently that none saw or heard the pair approach. "Now, my friends, make a path, if you please," said Leonard in a loud voice and speaking in Portuguese.

If you do not at once give me your keys, I shall force the lock. These words, which he doubtless thought would crush me, filled me with boundless rage, and for a few moments revived my sinking energies. I started to my feet, and seized my revolver. '''The devil! it seems the dose was not strong enough, exclaimed my assassin, taking flight; 'but I will return, be sure of that.