I picked up the letter, and insisted he should at least read the petition of a suffering, and perhaps dying woman. He was very violent in his denunciation of my parents, and his voice was loud and angry.

Just then there was a loud knocking at the gate. When the widow Wang called out, "Come in!" she was surprised to see an old bald-headed priest standing in the doorway. "Sorry, but we have nothing," she went on, feeling sure the visitor had come in search of food.

"What are you?" "A carpenter," I said. The man turned upon his heel with a loud, rasping laugh and shut the door in my face. For a moment I stood there stunned. His ascending steps on the stairs brought back my senses. I ran to the door, and flung it open. "You laugh!"

The ice continued breaking up, and all day and night we were startled at the loud crashing which took place, as the icebergs separated from each other. But my disgust at feeding upon human flesh produced a sort of insanity.

And the doors having been slammed, the engine gave a loud whistle and began to move, going off slowly and heavily between the throng, which, in the rear of the train, flowed on to the lines again like an invading torrent whose flood-gates have been swept away. "Bar the platform!" shouted the station-master to his men. "Keep watch when the engine comes up!"

"They are here," he then said to the officer in a low voice. The officer immediately lifted up his arm and shouted "Forward!" The soldiers advanced and surrounded the hut. All was lost! Doeninger awakened the sleeping boy. "John," he said in a low voice, "let us go down to father. The French have come." The boy uttered a loud cry.

Why is not the signal given?" "O King," said John timidly, "they let me in because I said that I came to cure your son, if may be." "More sorcery!" howled the King, beside himself with rage. "Take him away! Slay them all, the old man, the boy, the animals! I have waited too long already. Perhaps even now my son is dead!" He rose, trembling. But the Hermit's voice rang out now, loud and clear.

He was engaged in walking on his hind legs round the room, following Fanny, who was laughing excitedly and flourishing a piece of cake, while Toni clapped her hands and called out words of encouragement at the top of her voice, when a loud whirring sound on the gravel outside made both girls turn in the direction from which came the noise just in time to see a big grey car shoot by the window on its way to the front door.

But in one way his words were of advantage to me. I concluded that I need not be so very cautious now, seeing that they would set down anything they heard to the same cause; and I sped on more quickly, I had just gained the second floor landing when a loud noise below the opening of the street door and the heavy tread of feet in the hall brought me to a temporary standstill.

Several officers were riding about the square. There was a death-like silence; even the savage crowd were awed. I could scarcely breathe, and a mist came before my eyes. There was a pause of a minute. Perhaps, I thought, the commanding officer himself hesitates to give the word which must send so many of his fellow-creatures to eternity. I was mistaken. "Fire," he shouted, in a sharp loud voice.