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Perhaps you have been away in distant parts of the earth, each day crowded with new experiences and slowly obscuring the clear pictures of England with which you left: perhaps you have only been hidden away in London, amid its ceaseless noise, its strange faces, its monotonous recurrence of duties. Let us say, in any case, that you are returning home for a space to the quiet of Northern Cornwall.

"That noise means that an egg has been laid," explained Grandmother, smiling, "and that Mrs. Hen is very proud of it and wants us to know what she has done." "Oh!" cried Mary Jane happily, "and then you go out and get them in a basket just like mother told me she used to do? May I go now?"

Well I followed this little brook till it entered the river, and then took the path that runs along the bank. On the opposite side I observed several little birds running along the shore, and making a piping noise. They were brown and white, and about as big as a snipe. Mr.

She held in her left hand, a little box of white wood which she looked at from time to time and trembled. There was something sinister in the quiet that reigned in the room. Her secretary was open and several bundles of papers were carefully ranged in order. I made some noise at the door.

But when they came to the edge of the camp of the Arameans, no one was there, for the Lord had made the army of the Arameans hear a noise of chariots and of horses and of a great army, and they said to one another, "Surely the ruler of Israel has hired the kings of the Hittites and the kings of the Egyptians to attack us."

I ha' brought something for your supper, and Aggy's a-cookin' of it; and we're going to be comfortable over the fire, and have a chapter or two of the New Testament to keep down the noise of the sea. There! Come along." The old woman drew her cloak over her head, put her knitting carefully in her pocket, and stood aside for me to lead the way.

The room was full of suppressed noise until President Douglass rapped sharply for order. Then, instantly all became as still as a church. "Will Mr. Fullerton please take the chair?" asked the class president. "The present presiding officer wishes the privileges of the floor." Amid more intense silence Fullerton went forward to the chair, while Douglass stepped softly down to the floor. "Mr.

'I thought Alwyn was making too much noise with his soldiers. 'I beg your pardon, said Nuttie, 'perhaps I should have spoken sooner, but indeed he must not be worried and disturbed, she added, somewhat fiercely. 'Don't be afraid, my dear, said her aunt. 'Mr. Bulfinch knows that your father is in no condition to have such matters brought before him.

Our winter's practicing has done a lot for us, as has our winter at school." "Oh, I don't know." "You probably will ride the educated mule again, while I expect to ride the elephant Emperor in the grand entry, as I did before. I'll be glad to get under the big top again, with the noise and the people, the music of the band and all that.

"I only think you could have said a word, before the ladies accused the child of having lied to them and before she nearly had a fit over the injustice. She made such a noise that one could hear it all over the house! It went right through me." "Oh, pooh! it was not as bad as that," asserted Mina; "the child has long since forgotten the whole thing. That is the way with children.