How strange it seems, as we peer back behind the scenes of history, to think of a theatrical débutante rejoicing in an extraordinary diffidence. "Rather a cynical remark, isn't it?" the reader may ask. Well, perhaps it is, but these are piping times of advertising, when even genius has been known to employ a press agent.

And when they came to that part of the beach where strange things had been done in the ancient ages, lo, there was the crone, and she was dancing widdershins. "What makes you dance widdershins, old crone?" said the King's daughter; "here upon the bleak beach, between the waves and the dead leaves?" "I hear a sound in the wind that is like a sound of piping," quoth she.

Further, at the annual festival of the goddess, hunting dogs were crowned and wild beasts were not molested; young people went through a purificatory ceremony in her honour; wine was brought forth, and the feast consisted of a kid cakes served piping hot on plates of leaves, and apples still hanging in clusters on the boughs. But Diana did not reign alone in her grove at Nemi.

It's only a make-believe, after all," observed Jack Windy, as he tossed off his grog, dinner being over. The men had not left their seats, when, on a sudden, a loud low roar was heard. "All hands on deck!" shouted Mr Collinson. "All hands on deck!" echoed the voice of the acting boatswain, piping shrilly as he spoke. The men rushed from below.

As they approach, the spectators stand upon the benches, and there is a sensible deepening of the clamor, in which a sharp listener may detect the shrill piping of women and children; at the same time, the things roseate flying from the balcony thicken into a storm, and, striking the men, drop into the chariot-beds, which are threatened with filling to the tops.

In the trees outside his window a bird was piping to its mate, and in the damp places here and there the frogs had already begun to try their voices for their community chorus. It was a peaceful earth, thereabouts falsely peaceful. An acute ear could easily have detected an angry roar of guns that came ever nearer and nearer, and caught the whisper of a Voice calling and calling.

No wonder he prologued his piping after the following dismal fashion: "In dreary verse my rhymes I make, Bewailing whilst such theme I take." However, Baston was a monk of the Carmelite species, and I hope he bore his agonies with religious bravery. And now let us make a skip down to Charles Aleyn, temp. Charles I. "of blessed memory."

When morning broke, the shrill piping of the boatswain's whistle brought the crew to their places on deck. Breakfast was served, and leisurely eaten; for it is one of the established theories of the navy, that sailors can't fight on empty stomachs. Breakfast over, the work of landing the troops was begun. The point chosen was a broad beach fringed with woods near the anchorage of the vessels.

The sentence for forging drops is probably about twenty years with hard labour." "I wish you would put that book away and go on with your lunch," said Ann. "Perhaps," said Jimmy, "my grandchildren will cluster round my knee some day and say in their piping, childish voices, 'Tell us how you became the Elastic Stocking King, grandpa! What do you think?"

Is there a wife in Europe who broods on her husband's merits and his injuries as the sister of Thomas Rowsley, Earl of Ormont does? or one to defend his good name, one to work for his fortunes, as devotedly? Over and over Lady Charlotte drove her flocks, of much the same pattern, like billows before a piping gale.