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The willow beside it tossed long, writhing arms spectrally. At times, the gyrations of its boughs made it seem as if the monument were moving, too. Carl curled himself up on the tombstone with his legs tucked under him. It wasn't precisely pleasant to hang them over the edge of the stone. Just suppose just suppose bony hands should reach up out of Mr.

Herse having plenty to occupy her in the lower rooms, Dada went on deck and watched the others on their way to the house; then she sat looking at the shipwrights at their work and tossed fruit and sweetmeats, the remains of their dessert, for the children to catch who were playing on the shore. Meanwhile she thought over Marcus' startling speech, Damia's injunctions and Herse's warnings.

What, then, is this all-compassing power of gravitation which occupies so central a position in the scheme of mechanical things? The simple answer is that no man knows. The wisest physicist of to-day will assure you that he knows absolutely nothing of the why of gravitation that he can no more explain why a stone tossed into the air falls back to earth than can the boy who tosses the stone.

Gradually my gratitude to John Travis turned to real affection not like what I had given your father, but something quite as deep. And the years I have lived with him here have been very happy as though my poor little ship had found the still waters of an inland stream after having been tossed on a stormy sea.

Morse, was making in what he was pleased to call Magnetic Telegraphy, and the absurdity of his claim that his invention would soon come into general use every one commenting unfavorably except Richard Horn: all these shuttlecocks being tossed into mid-air for each battledore to crack, and all these, with infinite tact the better to hide his own and his companions' disappointment over the loss of his honored guest did St.

A touch of fever, might he ask, as the visitor took it; nothing to speak of, was the indifferent answer. Well, the gentleman should have a care; the gentleman did not reply except to ask for the reckoning; the proprietor figured a moment, then departed with the sovereign that had been tossed to the table.

"Human. You don't have to go through immigration," the agent said. "Do you have anything to declare?" "N-no," the traveler said. "I d-didn't bring anything in." "Sign the affidavit," the agent said and pushed a sheet of paper toward him. The traveler picked up a pen from the desk and signed "Jon Hall" in a clear, perfect script. The agent gave it a passing glance and tossed it into a wire basket.

I am sorry to have to do it, upon my word I am very sorry, but you leave me no alternative, Miss Nickleby. Here Mrs Wititterly tossed her head not passionately, only virtuously and remarked, with some appearance of excitement, that she feared that palpitation of the heart was coming on again. 'Your behaviour, Miss Nickleby, resumed the lady, 'is very far from pleasing me very far.

At this moment, amid the clash of glasses and the bubbling of wine, the excited and voluble Gascons were discussing in one breath the war, the council, the court, the ladies, and whatever gay topic was tossed from end to end of the crowded mess-table.

Just as the dance was finished, an elderly man, with short, thick hair loose about his square shoulders, rode into their presence from the rear, and leaped lightly from his pony's back. Dropping the rawhide rein to the ground, he tossed himself lazily on the grass. "Hunhe, you have returned soon," said the warrior, while extending a hand to his little daughter.