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The less she is moved herself, the greater is her fascination. Love clamours far more incessantly and passionately at a closed gate than an open one!" Sylvie was silent for a minute or two looking at him with something of doubt and disdain.

He looked away, and said nothing. 'My dear, do you know her character? 'What about her? The tone was startling, but Mrs. Damerel kept firm, though agitated. 'She has led the most disgraceful life. I heard about her half a year after she ran away, but of course I wouldn't tell you such painful things. Horace reddened with anger. 'And who is to blame for it? he cried passionately.

The bitterest memory I have of my wife is her heartless conduct toward the memory of our poor dead boy. When he was alive I really believed that you loved him passionately; but scarcely had he been dead a year when this greed for gaiety and excitement took possession of you, and you began to go out everywhere.

He lashed himself into ecstasies of fury against our unconventionality; he rose to magnificent paroxysms of protest that passionately besought High Heaven and Farmer Banks to open the door and let him get at us. But no one came.

Himself governed wholly by the inward voice, unmoved by the mere external authority of the great Mosaic name, he handles the law presented to him with a sort of sad irony. The words imply the presence in him of a slowly formed and passionately held ideal. Neither sin, nor suffering, nor death can nor ought to destroy the marriage bond, once created.

Good-bye, mother. Some day you'll think differently, and be sorry for all this injustice, and then " A tear moistened Don's eye as he thought of his mother and her tender, loving ways, and of what a pity it was that they ever came there to his uncle's, and it was not the tear that made Don see so blindly. "I can't stand it, and I will not," he cried, passionately.

But the subject is a dangerous one; the council have spies everywhere, and to be denounced as one hostile to the established state of things is to be lost." "I know the danger," the young man said passionately. "I know that hitherto all who have ventured to raise their voices against the authority of these tyrants have died by torture that murmuring has been stamped out in blood.

Any kind of mental exertion may help to retard your recovery." He had placed himself behind her chair, and was bending over the pillows to speak to her. Just now he felt himself unequal to the command of his countenance. He bent his head until his lips touched the soft brown hair, and kissed those loose soft tresses passionately.

I will now say something about the man who first taught the Emperor to traffic in the administration of justice. His name was Leo; he was a native of Cilicia, and passionately eager to enrich himself. He was the most utterly shameless of flatterers, and most apt in ingratiating himself with the ignorant, and with the Emperor, whose folly he made use of in order to ruin his subjects.

Barney's weight rested partially upon her shoulder. She tossed away the reins. "Go on, Sancho go on home," she croaked to the horse, passionately. The pony seemed to comprehend. With some faint fragrance of the waters of Bitter Hole in his nostrils, the willing creature fought slowly, steadily forward, against the terrible drift.