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"Dear Modeste," he began, in a coaxing tone, "considering the terms on which we stand to each other, shall I displease you if I say that your replies to the Duc d'Herouville were very painful to a man in love, above all, to a poet whose soul is feminine, nervous, full of the jealousies of true passion.

Necessity the necessity of his affairs, the consequences of his extravagance had brought him to this: the first sacrifices had not been made without painful struggles; but by degrees his mind had hardened, and his warmth of heart had cooled.

Helena heard them go into Lady Delacour's room, and she saw by Marriott's countenance, who followed, that her mother was going to submit to the operation. She sat down trembling on the steps which led to her mother's room, and waited there a long time, as she thought, in the most painful suspense. At last she heard some one call Helena. She looked up, and saw her father close to her.

When the repeated impressions are acute, and cannot be forgotten in their endless repetition, their monotony becomes painful. The constant appeal to the same sense, the constant requirement of the same reaction, tires the system, and we long for change as for a relief.

"I cannot deny that I shall think all that of you, Fred, if you give me good reasons. But please to tell me at once what you have done. I would rather know the painful truth than imagine it." "I owed money a hundred and sixty pounds. I asked your father to put his name to a bill. I thought it would not signify to him. I made sure of paying the money myself, and I have tried as hard as I could.

"Indeed," says Cavalier in his Memoirs, "the loss which I had just sustained at Nages was doubly painful to me because it was irreparable.

The one which you represented no longer exists. The one which I represent is taking control. Under these painful, but decisive circumstances, I come, in the name of the new Republic, to ask you to turn over to me the office which you held under the former government."

How little do they who claim us as their own, know of the existence of this law; and yet the more I consider it, the more do I see its beauty, its truth, and the harmony of all its parts." Dawn was greatly pleased in seeing how readily he recognized her position, and continued: "The relation which such claimants bear to us is one purely external in its nature, and oft-times painful.

Many of these officers found themselves in a very painful situation, embarrassed by the apparently conflicting claims of duty fidelity to their sovereign on the one hand, and fidelity to the rights of the people on the other.

I replied, because I was fearful of wearying him; upon which he assured me, that he only felt easy and comfortable so long as I was with him. "But, perhaps, there is some contagion in my present complaint?" exclaimed he, as though labouring under some painful idea.