When I landed in Bombay, in 1855, the journey to the Native State of Mysore, now so easy and simple, was one requiring much time and no small degree of trouble, for the railway lines had then advanced but little the first twenty miles in all India having been only opened near Bombay in 1853.

It was not to discuss or even to think of them that I asked you here to-day." "Why did you invite me, then?" she asked, smiling. "Because I wanted the pleasure of having you opposite me," he replied, "because I wanted to know you better." "And are you progressing?" "Indifferently well," he acknowledged. "I seem to gain a little and slide back again. You are not an easy person to know well."

It is easy to outwit a furnace, for it is nothing but a raging element; and it is not always difficult to throw a grizzly bear from his scent, for the creatur' is both enlightened and blinded by his instinct; but to shut the eyes of a waking Teton is a matter of greater judgment, inasmuch as his deviltry is backed by reason."

Shoestring Griffith is saved. "'Doorin' the subsequent line-up at the bar which concloods the ceremonies, Easy Aaron waxes indignant an' is harrowed to observe Billy Goodnight imbibin' with the rest. ""I thought you-all dead!" says Easy Aaron, in tones of wrathful reproach. ""Which I was dead," says Billy, sort o' apol'getic, "but them words of fire brings me to."

"Well, yes," he replied; "it wouldn't be very easy to pull up the stakes and move the shanty further on." Seeing that either from indifference or caution he had not accepted her meaning, she looked at him fixedly, and said, "What is your little game?" "Eh?" "What are you hiding for here, in this tree?" "But I'm not hiding." "Then why didn't you come out when they hailed you last night?"

They may help reduce flesh, but they are not easy to follow and they do not contain things that any person wants to eat or is accustomed to eat, or will eat, to the exclusion of things that person does want to eat and will eat. It can be done.

Then the father started, trembling with fear and horror, and saw what it was that he had bound himself to do; but as no gold was come, he made himself easy by thinking that it was only a joke that the dwarf was playing him, and that, at any rate, when the money came, he should see the bearer, and would not take it in.

"How would it be 'another thing?" we asked. "Did you not quietly get up and begin life over again as if nothing had occurred?" "There wasn't anything else to do," he replied, with a smile. "The feelings came later, too, in an easy sort o' gradual way.

Cardew, there are some people who seem to me to have something I have not got, and they value it more than anything besides, and they have nothing to say really, REALLY, I mean, to those who have not got it, although they are kind to them." "It is not very easy to understand what you mean."

She knew he would read those accursed lines, and realize with every sentence that in truth she was "letting him down easy." There was no danger of his backing out of his bargain. Seated at the desk, he perused his folly, and grunted with exasperation. Well, after all, what of it? He had coveted a masterpiece; now he was to have two in one the contemplation of his own blunder, and Mrs.