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Arthur Pendennis can't marry a convict's daughter; and sit in Parliament as member for the hulks. You must wash your hands of the whole affair, Pen. You must break off. You must give no explanations of why and wherefore, but state that family reasons render a match impossible. It is better that those poor women should fancy you false to your word than that they should know the truth.

Some troubles have a terrible magnetism that draws the mind back to them as if by a malign spell, and there are no 'pleasant things to think of." "No 'pleasant things'? Why, Mr. Gregory! The universe is very wide." "Present company excepted," replied he gallantly. "But what do I care for the universe?

"What, that Lorand has run away?" remarked my uncle, coolly buttoning together the silken folds of his dressing gown; "why I know more than that: I know also that my wife has run away with him, and all my wife's jewels, not to mention the couple of thousand florins that were at home all have run away with your brother Lorand."

I should suppose you would wish to give it up yourself. I am afraid you will not enjoy it at all," Mona replied, wondering why she did not at once return to New York instead of keeping on.

As long as he thought you were beneath the rank of gentlemen he did not choose to notice them, but the governor having recognized you as an equal, my friend feels that he can safely demand satisfaction, or an ample apology for your remark." "Why," said Fred, with a soft smile, "this looks to me like a challenge." "It is one," replied the Englishman.

Why should he try to break a lock when it's so much easier to break a window? Of course he might just have lost his head; on the other hand, he might well, he might have wanted to give his cousin a chance of getting away. The same about the police, and oh, lots of things. Why, for instance, did we run all the way round the house in order to get to the windows?

Out of this practice grew presently, and as it seems to me instinctively, for I cannot now remember the exact time of its beginning, a habit of repeating under my breath, or even aloud, and in a kind of singsong voice, fragmentary words and sentences describing what it was that I saw or felt at the moment, as, for example: "The pink blossoms of the wild crab-apple trees I see from the hill.... The reedy song of the wood thrush among the thickets of the wild cherry.... The scent of peach leaves, the odour of new-turned soil in the black fields.... The red of the maples in the marsh, the white of apple trees in bloom.... I cannot find Him out nor know why I am here...."

Let this teach us to stand up to plead for him before men, to plead for him against the enemies of his person and gospel. This is but reasonable; for if Christ stands up to plead for us, why should not we stand up to plead for him? He also expects this at our hands, saying, "Who will rise up for me against the evil doers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?"

"As if I cannot do without you, you little piece of impertinence. To be sure, and to be sure I can. Why, there is your lady mother; she'll come and sit with me for an hour or so, and let out at me all her grumbles.

M. de Chalusse died very suddenly; he had no time to make a will or to acknowledge his daughter." "But why had he not taken some precautions?" "A formal recognition of his daughter was attended by too many difficulties, and even dangers.