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And they left the tent together, this pot-bellied man and florid woman, in the antipathetic, recriminatory mood of the average husband and wife of Christendom.

Now, she was giving him something more, for she was refusing to be his wife because she was sure that sooner or later she must be a burden to him, and that her birth would be a reproach to his children. No woman could do more for a man than she had done.

His wife followed, carrying the boy, and bade the girl come after her; but, scorched almost to a cinder, she was compelled to drop the child from her arms, and barely succeeded in leaping through the flames; the little girl too only just escaped with her life. Abauchas was afterwards reproached with having abandoned his own wife and children to rescue Gyndanes.

"Did he say why he wanted to go into the house?" "No." "Was he in the habit of going into it alone and during the family's absence?" "No." "Had he any clothes there? or any articles belonging to himself or his wife which he would be likely to wish to carry away?" "No." "Yet he wanted to go in?" "He said so." "And you gave him the keys without question?" "Certainly, sir."

William now deemed it safe to bring his wife to share his new greatness. The Duchess Matilda came over to England, and was hallowed to Queen at Westminster by Archbishop Ealdred. We may believe that no part of his success gave William truer pleasure. But the presence of the Lady was important in another way.

If it was Dwight and they didn't know whether he had another wife, or not, and you wanted to ask him oh, don't you see? Help me." Ina was not yet the woman to cry for justice for its own sake, nor even to stand by another woman. She was primitive, and her instinct was to look to her own male merely. "Well," she said, "of course. But why not let Dwight do it in his own way?

"I tell you, that is Minnie Merle, so surely as there is a God above us. Mrs. Orme is Minnie my Minnie! My wife! She has dramatized her own life!" "Impossible, Cuthbert! You are delirious insane. You are " "That woman yonder is my wife! Now I understand why such strange sweet memories thrilled me when I saw her first in 'Amy Robsart. The golden hair disguised her. Oh, father!"

The child's made herself of use, and you don't want to part with her. That's the long and the short of it. But I stand by what I say. She shall settle it as she likes. She shall go to Mrs Leigh and hear about it, and then no one shan't say a word to her, for or against. When's she got to decide?" "In a week," answered his wife.

I longed to be in love, to have a wife and child of my own. I wanted my future wife to have just such a face, such a voice. I dreamed of it at dinner, and in the street when I was sent on some errand, and when I lay awake at night.

One man cried out: "Three cheers for our Assemblywoman!" and they gave them; and I thereupon returned home in the best spirits. I devoted the rest of the day to relieving poorer women, who could not have spared the time to vote, if I had not, meanwhile, looked after their children. The last was Nancy Black, the shoemaker's wife in our street, who kept me waiting upon her till it was quite dark.