So I don’t repeat your ideas, yet I am only your nightmare, nothing more.” “You are lying, your aim is to convince me you exist apart and are not my nightmare, and now you are asserting you are a dream.” “My dear fellow, I’ve adopted a special method to-day, I’ll explain it to you afterwards. Stay, where did I break off? Oh, yes! I caught cold then, only not here but yonder.” “Where is yonder?

He was gone but a little when he came back with a hearty accent to tell us that luck for once was ours. "There's a house yonder," said he, talking English for the benefit of the cleric; "it has a roaring fire and every sign of comfort, and it's my belief there's no one at home within but a woman and a few bairns.

This also, Elephant, Bulalio yonder denied me when, as captain of the guard, I asked for the third who had passed the gate, saying that only two had passed. Further, none of the captives were called to swear to the body of the maid, and now it is too late, and that man who lay beside her was not killed by Galazi in the cave. He was killed outside the cave by a blow of a Halakazi kerrie.

"Over yonder, about three mile!" answered the spokesman, nodding toward the northeast. "If we give you back your guns," went on the Boy gently, "will you both give us your oath to clear right out of this country altogether, and not trap at all this side of the line? And will you take oath, also, that you will never, in any way, try to get even with either him or me for having downed you this way?"

"This court," said Scrooge, "through which we hurry now, is where my place of occupation is, and has been for a length of time. I see the house. Let me behold what I shall be, in days to come!" The Spirit stopped; the hand was pointed elsewhere. "The house is yonder," Scrooge exclaimed. "Why do you point away?" The inexorable finger underwent no change.

"Softly, softly, major," said the scout, who by this time had reloaded his rifle; "we are a little too far already for a rifle to put forth its beauties, and you see yonder imps are holding a council.

Well done there were six enemies of the Lord destroyed at once." "I see three more yonder," cried Orion. "Come here, Damianus, and help me."

You see, there appears to have been a great number of human beings, as you call them, evolved upon oh, yes! upon Earth. I have the approximate figures over yonder, but they would hardly interest you. And the desires of each one of these human beings seem to have been multitudinous and inconstant.

Garland stretched out his hand, and inquired how Mr. Swiveller felt; adding "And what can we do for you?" "If you could make the Marchioness yonder, a Marchioness in real, sober earnest," returned Dick, "I'd thank you to get it done offhand. But as you can't, the question is, what is it best to do for Kit?" Gathering around Mr.

You've seen the three bullboats yonder. We send our tents and all other things around with the horses, while we shoot the rapids, and enjoy the most exhilarating boat ride you ever dreamed of. Just wait and see, boys. It will be something worth while." After all, the stockman was unable to start out with them. He was subject to attacks of rheumatism, due to his age, and many exposures in the past.