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Our bairns are hinging at our weary backs; look that your braw cradle at hame be the fairer spread up; not that I am wishing ill to little Harry, or to the babe that's yet to be born God forbid and make them kind to the poor, and better folk than their father!

"There was pity in her face for the man she had killed with his own lie, but only pity, no regret." So well was she succeeding with her mystification that she went on to talk of the hard lot of women and "the puir bairns," and then comes the conclusion: "'My time's been wasted. The puir bairns. They'd be better dead.

He has been well warned, and is a lad of his word; but the two bairns, left to themselves, could scarce help finding out that each was of gentle blood and breeding, and how much more my goodwife cannot tell. I took the maid back so soon as it was safe yester morn, and sent back my young lord, much against his will, half-way to Greystone.

"I dinna ken," was the boy's eager reply; "but she's been seekin ane this aught days, an mair; an' Nan Black says, if somebody doesna help her, she maun tak her twa bairns, an' gang an' beg. Noo, faither, could we no do something?

What would the laird of Gilnockie say if he heard that Cockburn's bairns were taught to read ay, and to play on harpsichords, and teylins, and dulcimers. By my faith, Maudge, but he would laugh a good laugh." "And yet," answered she, "I have seen the clear drop shining in her father's eye as Helen touched the strings to the soft melodies of Auld Scotland.

The hostess, however, said that she believed our servant had gone into the stable, and offered to light me to the place, saying that "no entreaties of the bairns or hers could make him give any answer; and that truly she caredna to gang into the stable herself at this hour.

"Spies, yo call us?" with a finger like a dart, threatening the enemy "Aye; an' yo're aboot reet! I and my friends we have been trackin' and spyin' for weeks past. We knew those men, those starvin' women and bairns, were bein' sold, but we couldn't prove it. Now we've come at the how and the why of it! And we'll make it harder for men like you to sell 'em again!

"Bairns are a burden," said the Tailor to himself as he sat at work. He lived in a village on some of the glorious moors of the north of England; and by bairns he meant children, as every Northman knows. "Bairns are a burden," and he sighed. "Bairns are a blessing," said the old lady in the window. "It is the family motto.

"He had tears in his eyes, and his voice was all husky as he explained in homely Scotch how the bairns had been turned out of their homes how he couldn't bear it and he would give them tea." A table was found. "I provided the milk, and he paid for bread and butter and chocolate, and waited on and talked to the six little French people himself.

His mansion is the minstrels' home, You'll find them there whene'er you come Of all her sex his wife's the best; The household through her care is blest She's scion of a knightly tree, She's dignified, she's kind and free. His bairns approach me, pair by pair, O what a nest of chieftains fair!