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To reach her was difficult, but he dived and wriggled his way across the saloon, wedging his frail person between the blockish bodies with a cool address that reminded her of the first night of a "noo show" at the Camden "Theayter," and the queue outside the gallery door. "'Ullo, 'ullo! Thought I reckonised you, Miss." He touched his cheap imitation Panama with swaggering gallantry, and winked.

So saying, he put other layers of heather, thinner than the mattress underneath, but arranged in the same way, on the top of the hay. "Noo ye're braw an' snug, are ye na'? What better wad ye hae been in a three-shillin' bed?" Then Jock made a fire of broken last year's heather.

"Before God and these witnesses!" added the man with the ragged college cloak: "to wit, before me, James Fraser, Magister Artium, minister of this pairish, and of the unworthy Saunders Duff, session clerk of the same. Saunders, ye were braw at the sittin' afore. Clatch doon noo, man, and make your entry. Get all the names and surnames, while I collect the fees.

I was nervous, I'll no be denying that. What Briton was not, that had a way of knowing how terrible a time was upon us? And I knew aye, it was known, in London and in Washington, that the Hun was making ready for his last effort. Those were dark and troubled days. The great American army that General Pershing has led hame victorious the noo was still in the making.

"Thank ye, Paitrick, and gude nicht tae ye. Ma ain true freend, gie's yir hand, for a'll maybe no ken ye again. "Noo a'll say ma mither's prayer and hae a sleep, but ye 'ill no leave me till a' is ower." Then he repeated as he had done every night of his life: "This night I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. And if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take."

"Fetch a divit, Tonal' a big one, an' I'll keep up his head." One of the masses of recent artillery was fetched, and the fisher's head was gently pillowed on it, so as to be well out of the water. "There's no cut that I can see," said Junkie, inspecting the head critically; "he's only stunned, I think. Noo, Tonal', cut away to the hoose. Run as ye never ran before and tell them.

Like the Reeve in the Canterbury Tales, who "ever rode the hinderest of the rout," being such a rogue and such a rogue-catcher that he could not bear anybody behind his back, Bruce, when about the business that his soul loved, eschewed the presence of any third person. "Noo, Mr Doo?" he said. "My business'll keep," replied Dow. "But ye see we're busy the nicht, Mr Doo."

"A month syne there wesna a stronger man in the Glen than Saunders, an' noo he wes juist a bundle o' skin and bone, that naither saw nor heard, nor moved nor felt, that kent naethin' that was dune tae him.

Having made out the reckoning with a stop watch, I was busily engaged marking out our place on the chart on top of the cabin sky-light, as it was a fine day, with a pair of callipers and parallel rulers, when the Scottish mate came up to me. "And whaur d'ye find us the noo?" said he, insinuatingly, to me.

'They are smaller and lighter, and with their galley slaves can defy the wind, and loup off like a flea in a blanket, returned Tam, grimly. 'Mair by token, they guess what we are, and will hold on to hae my life's bluid if naething mair! Here! Gie us a soup of the water, and the last bite of flesh. 'Twill serve us the noo, find we shall need it nae mair any way.

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