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He awoke with a start to find the room flooded with the morning sunshine, and every trace of last night's work removed. The doctor was bending over the bed, and speaking to Saunders. "It's me, Saunders, Doctor MacLure, ye ken; dinna try tae speak or move; juist let this drap milk slip ower ye 'ill be needin' yir breakfast, lad and gang tae sleep again."

'Na! na! lad, but juist the wee drap whusky. It's nae that guid onyway, and it's a terrible price. Man, gin ye gang tae Henderson's in Buchanan Street, in Gleska, ye ken, ye'll get mair for three-an'-saxpence than ye wull at Slavin's for five dollars. An' it'll no' pit ye mad like yon stuff, but it gangs doon smooth an' saft-like.

"Preserve ye, man, what's wrang wi' ye? it's a mercy a' keppit ye, or we wud hev hed anither job for Sir George. "Ye're a richt noo; sit doon on the strae. A'll come back in a whilie, an' ye i'll see Annie juist for a meenut, but ye maunna say a word." Marget took him in and let him kneel by Annie's bedside.

Now, as the three lay there, the lassie as flushed and damp as some water-nymph, Bobby panting and submitting to a petting, Tammy took the little dog's muzzle between his thin hands, parted the veil, and looked into the soft brown eyes. "Leak, Ailie, Bobby's wantin' somethin', an' is juist haudin' 'imsel'." It was true.

I, John Bairdieson, 'll juist fetch up yer meals the same as ordinar'. Ye'll be like a laddie at the mastheid up there; it'll be braw an' quate for the studyin'!" "John, I am much obliged to you for your kind thought," said Ralph, "but I cannot remain in his house against my father's expressed wish, and without his knowledge." "Hear till him!

"Drop that! Idjit! What you doing?" yelled Jimmy. "Mary, ye goose!" panted Dannie, as he came hurrying across the yard. "Wha' do ye mean? Ye knew I'd be back in a minute! Jimmy juist called me to hear the Bass splash. I was comin' back. Mary, this amna fair." Dannie took the spade from her hand, and Mary fled sobbing to the house. "What's the row?" demanded Jimmy of the suffering Dannie.

I know now that he was a hard and cruel man who should have married a shrew; but while Nanny lived I thought he had a beautiful nature. Many a time I have spoken with him at Hendry's gate, and felt the better of his heartiness. "I mauna complain," he always said; "na, we maun juist fecht awa." Little, indeed, had he to complain of, and little did he fight away.

Although Speug was reticent in the class, for reasons that commended themselves to his practical judgment, he had a rich wealth of speech upon occasion, and he fairly drilled into the head of Bailie MacConachie's double that it had been a very foolish thing for him the Bailie to quarrel with the Seminary about their playground upon the Meadow, and an act of an unchristian bitterness to strike him the Speug upon the head and nearly injure him for life, but that he the Bailie was sorry for all his bad conduct, and that he would never do the like again as long as he was Bailie of Muirtown; and Speug concluded, while the cabman stood open-mouthed with admiration, "Ye micht juist say that ye have an awfu' respect for me Speug ye know."

'Juist, by Jove! said Davies, as we walked on. 'Why are those three going to Juist? 'I should have thought it was pretty clear. They're on their way to Memmert. Davies agreed, and we both looked longingly westward at a straw-coloured streak on the sea. 'Is it some meeting, do you think? said Davies. 'Looks like it. We shall probably find the Kormoran here, wind-bound.

He bade ower i' yon cottar hoose, wast a bittie frae the Whin Inn. He had twa dochters, ye'll mind, an' a he-cat that killed whitterits wi' a blind e'e. Eh, ay; that's mony a lang day syne! But I'm awa' frae my story. I cudna tell ye which o' the bits I likeit best. I juist sat nearhand a' nicht fairly entranced.

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