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In this part of the house, too, there is a parlor, fragrant with tobacco-smoke; and, no doubt, many a noggin of whiskey is here quaffed to the memory of the bard, who professed to draw so much of his inspiration from that potent liquor. We bought some engravings of Kirk Alloway, the Bridge of Doon, and the Monument, and gave the old woman a fee besides, and took our leave.

"Todlin hame": Urbani mentioned an idea of his, which has long been mine; and this air is highly susceptible of pathos; accordingly, you will soon hear him, at your concert, try it to a song of mine in the Museum "Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon". One song more and I have done: "Auld lang syne". The air is but mediocre; but the following song, the old song of the olden times, and which has never been in print, nor even in manuscript, until I took it down from an old man's singing, is enough to recommend any air.

"Noo, Sir George," she said, "jist gang up to my room an' hae a wash, an' pit on the sark ye'll see lyin' upo' the bed; syne come doon an' hae yer tum'ler comfortable." George's whole soul was bent upon his drink, but he obeyed as if she had been twice his mother.

Aunt Frasie heard her through the first verse, and then said impatiently: "You've sung that at so many funerals, Maria Jane, that it makes me feel creepy. You used to sing 'Banks and Braes. Do try that." It had been said of Maria Jane in her earlier years that she had sung "Bonnie Doon" so pathetically she had moved the roomful to tears.

Aff he went when he got the siller, and a bit later an auld great-aunt left him a bit mair, sae he took a muckle big farm doon sooth, and noo he's at the inn cracking crouse aboot his pedigree beasts and sheep, and swankin' awa as to what he's done syne he left these parts, just as if we didna ken the sort o' man he was, and aye will be.

One day I visited the birth-place of Robert Burns, at Ayr, a point not far from Glasgow. I not only saw the "lowly thatched cottage," but a monument to the poet, "Auld Kirk Alloway," the "brig o' Doon," and many interesting articles in the museum.

Now he was bundled up ignominiously in an old flannel petticoat, carried across a sanded kitchen floor and laid on a warm hearth. "Doon wi' ye!" was the gruff order. Bobby turned around and around on the hearth, like some little wild dog making a bed in the jungle, before he obeyed.

"Yon milk on the drawers' head an' the bottle of whisky is tae keep up the strength, and this cool caller water is tae keep doon the fever. "We 'ill cast oot the fever by the virtue o' the earth an' the water." "Div ye mean tae pit Saunders in the tub?" "Ye hiv it noo, Drumsheugh, and that's hoo a' need yir help."

It maks my hert sair to ken 'at no guid will your hert get o' his. He s' no see ye the nicht, ony gait! Phemy uttered a childish howl, but immediately choked it with a proud sob. 'Ye're hurtin me, Kirsty! she said, after a minute or so of silence. 'Lat me doon, and I'll gang straucht hame to my father. I promise ye. 'I'll set ye doon, answered Kirsty, 'but ye maun come hame to my mither.

"Juist when he wes speakin' aboot Zaccheus as nice as ye please though whether he was up the tree or doon the tree a' cudna for the life o' me tell he stops sudden and looks at us ower the top o' his spectacles, which is terrible impressive, and near dis instead o' speakin. "We will now come to the third head of this discoorse.