Now, a mine may be wonderfully rich in metal, but if working it costs too much, then another mine with less metal but more easily worked will pay better. So it is with these great masses of copper.

'If they were mine, they would be none the less that, said Heathcliff; 'but though Isabella Linton may be silly, she is scarcely mad; and, in short, we'll dismiss the matter, as you advise. From their tongues they did dismiss it; and Catherine, probably, from her thoughts. The other, I felt certain, recalled it often in the course of the evening.

But she refused to explain further, beyond saying, in reply to a question of mine, that she was not feverish and that she had not been asleep, having merely closed her eyes to rest them. Also she affirmed that she was not taking riding-lessons.

I mention this again, to show you the importance of well-chosen words, harmonious periods, and good delivery; for, between you and me, Lord Macclefield's speech was, in truth, worth a thousand of mine. It will soon be printed, and I will send it you. It is very instructive.

"Nothing, except to look about and make his report." "A sort of interior police?" "Exactly." "Ah, how excellently that will suit Malicorne," Manicamp ventured to say. "You know the person we are speaking of, M. Manicamp?" inquired the prince. "Intimately, monseigneur. He is a friend of mine." "And your opinion is?"

"You did not seem very certain about it just now," said the Doctor. "However, I am sincerely glad you are come. I knew no weather would stop you." "Thank you, old friend," said the Vicar; "and how is the patient?" "Going fast. More in your line than mine. The man believes himself bewitched."

There are cottonwoods and elms and locust trees shading our house now where there was only a bunch of sunflowers then, and except for Jim's little corn patch and mine, not a furrow turned in the Grass River Valley. We have accomplished something since then. Why not the whole thing?" "You have reason for your faith, I admit. But you are right, Shirley is a dreamer. What's the matter with him?"

We were sitting in the rotunda of a famous Washington hotel, and only a few moments before had the speaker, an utter stranger to me, moved his chair beside mine and opened a conversation.

"You told the castellan," said Zbyszko, "that you would give your head in exchange for mine." "How do you know that?" "The Pan of Taczew told me." "What of it?" "What of it? The castellan told you that disgrace would fall on me and on all my family Would it not be a still greater disgrace, if I escaped from here, and left you to the vengeance of the law?" "What vengeance?

We now walked towards the well-barricaded gateway, gave the word, and Joeboy and I stepped out, with Denham and Briggs; but stopped to shake hands with Denham, who held mine tightly. "Good luck to you, Val, lad!" he said softly. "Don't take any notice of what I said before I mean of all that cold water I poured on your scheme. It's splendid.