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Nobody'll b'lieve her, anyhow, Sam, but if they do I'll explain it to 'em." "Now " "Locker's wife'll be glad to have it, too. She'd have to wait two weeks for hers, and now she'll git it right off. Oven's cracked on hern, and she allows she sp'iles every batch of bread she bakes and her pledged to furnish six loaves for the Methodist Ladies' Food Sale...."

"I wish you would explain this at the next conference, Captain Ringgold, for what you say is a surprise to me," said Louis. "I will do it in a general way, though I am not an astronomer in the scientific sense of the word," answered the captain. "We are approaching the Dædalus lightship. I suppose you remember the name."

On this there followed a romantic colloquy, all poetry and passion, such as I should in vain endeavor to reproduce. Then came a very special instruction. "I have come provided, too, with a key, the use of which I must explain."

The explanation, of course throws a curious light upon the struggle between Church and State in the middle ages; and in the other direction helps to explain the singularities of criminal legislation in the eighteenth century.

"Unpossible quite unpossible," interrupted the seaman with a grave shake of the head. "How impossible!" "Ab-so-lutely unpossible." "But why? Explain yourself, Fred." "'Cause it's only a bachelor as can be a best-man to a bachelor ain't it?" "I believe so, though I'm no authority in such matters; but surely that is a matter of no importance, for you are a bachelor, you know."

"I will explain, your majesty," said the old count, with a smile. "You remember, that more than a week ago the king lay in a stupor, which, for some hours, was supposed to be death. During his stupor, my courier started for Vienna, and the messenger sent after him, to stop the dispatches, arrived too late. The answers had been sent, and there are the congratulatory letters."

"Now, what did you do it for?" demanded Larry. "Explain, or in the lake you go!" "I've already been in the lake. I'm dressed for the day. But open your eyes. You are the sleepiest lot of fellows I ever saw. Why, a baby could stalk you and you'd never hear it say 'goo. Come, don't you sleepy-heads see anything that interests you?" Instead of looking out over the lake they were looking at George.

But she was yet to learn what agency 'Lena had in the matter, and this information her husband obtained for her. There was no anger in the tones of his voice when he asked his niece to explain the mystery, else she might not have answered, for 'Lena could not be driven.

Marcella observed them with an eager interest she could not wholly explain to herself. It was clear that all thought of anything or anybody else had vanished for Frank Leven at the sight of Betty. Marcella guessed, indeed knew, that they had not met for some little time; and she was touched by the agitation and happiness on the boy's handsome face.

"Bravo!" exclaimed a gentle voice in the doorway, and he turned, startled, to see Miss Stevens standing there. She did not explain why she had relented, but came directly into the room and stood at the end of the piano. He reached up and shook hands with her quite naturally, and just as naturally and simply she let her hand lie in his for an instant.