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The captain's frown deepened, but he studied Pedro's devil-may-care face keenly before answering. "Humph! What's up your sleeve? Out with it!" Pedro glanced around him and across the water. The tribesmen, both of the Mayoruna force and of the Red Bones, were watching the colloquy. "We are watched, Capitao. Let us make camp now and talk later.

Apparently the scribes never made mistakes, but sometimes they would whisper in colloquy, and one, without leaning his body, would run a finger across the ledger of the other; their fingers knew intimately the geography of the ledgers, and moved as though they could have found a desired name, date, or number, in the dark. The whole ceremony was impressive.

Very delightful is Chastellain's colloquy with himself as to the difficulty of maintaining perfect impartiality in discussing the cause of this Franco-Burgundian war, but unfortunately the result of his patient efforts is lost. Olivier de La Marche and Philip de Commines, however, were both present in the Burgundian army and their stories are preserved.

The air, which encouraged perspiration, was rich with many odours; voices endeavouring to make themselves audible in colloquy, swelled to a tumultuous volume that vied with the Hungarian clangours. In a corner of the staircase, squeezed behind two very fat women in very low dresses, stood Horace Lord.

During the brief colloquy just detailed, he had noticed that his enemy was doubly armed, and before beginning the conflict he drew his own dagger, so that there was no greater advantage on one side than the other. Both were admirable swordsmen, and in strength they were nearly matched; but the combat was conducted with a ferocity that almost set skill at defiance.

Now that's too much to ask of a quiet man. Master Thompson has latterly relieved me, I'm happy to say." Mrs. Doria thought her thoughts. "Has Austin written to you since you were in town?" "Not an Aphorism!" returned Adrian. "I must see Richard to-morrow morning," Mrs. Doria ended the colloquy by saying.

And Harry went away from this colloquy, thinking still that the estrangement between his patron and his beloved mistress was remediable, and that each had at heart a strong attachment to the other.

He kept screwing his mouth from side to side and round and round during the whole colloquy, which was carried on in whispers.

All the more, Diana felt the sense of fun it expressed, and hastened to change the scene and put an end to the colloquy. She threw down her bonnet and went for a handful of sticks. Mr. Knowlton had got his match by this time. Mrs. Starling stood astonished and scornful. "Will this be wood enough?" Diana asked. Mr.

When they have, the hatchet will be buried for ever. Until then, they are still enemies." During this long and important colloquy of the leading parties, the strictest silence had been preserved by the remainder of the council.

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