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With the knife in his hand he stopped as he turned inside and stared at the potatoes on the box. He never had thought of that before it left him aghast. The girl had twined herself into every fiber of his nature from the time she had come to him as a child. She was identified with every hope. Humph! He knew well enough what the answer would be if anything happened to Kate.

He looked at the peaceable domestic scene with a "humph" of dissatisfaction, because there was nothing to find fault with, which is as great a grievance as another when one is in the mood for grievances.

Captain Jethro pulled his beard. "Humph!" he grunted. "Humph! Mr. Bangs, eh?... Humph! I thought Cal'late I must have fell asleep on the sofy and been dreamin'.... Humph!... Lulie, you better come in now, it's chilly out here. Mr. Bangs can come, too, I suppose likely if he wants to." It was not the most cordial of invitations and Galusha did not accept it.

"Stuff!" said Martin, recovering his stolid composure; "I was but trying my new string. There! I'll unstring my bow, if you think that." "Humph!" said Dierich suspiciously, "there is something more in you than I understand: put a log on, and let us dry our hides a bit ere we go."

"I was as nigh to 'em as I be to you. Mrs. Colton is sort of fleshy, but as handsome a woman as you'd want to see. I spoke to her, too. 'It's a nice day, I says, 'ain't it?" "What did she say?" asked Newcomb. "She didn't say nothin'. Engine was makin' such a noise she didn't hear, I presume likely." "Humph!" sniffed Baker, evidently envious; "I guess she heard you, all right.

"You wait," was all Jack replied. The projectile was slowed up to permit the two professors to make some notes regarding a particularly large and deep crater, and a few minutes later when Mark, who was in the engine room, attempted to speed up the Cordite motor it would not respond. "Humph! I wonder what's wrong?" he asked of Jack. "Better call Mr.

'Humph! the folly of girl is unfathomable! Oh! you may say what you like you who have thrown yourself into your daughters and kept them one with you. You little know in your innocence the product of an ill- managed boarding-school!

He got it from the crown for two." "Ah, very true, very true: but you don't see, sir, you don't see, that it is well worth nine. Sad times, sad times: jobs from the crown are growing scarcer every day, Mr. Saville." "Humph! that's all a chance, a speculation.

He looked toward the waste basket where lay his sermon on "The Christian Ministry." "Humph," grunted the Doctor. "You'll find a better one when you get away from this. Older men than you, Dan, have fought this thing all their lives. Don't think that you can settle it in a couple of days thinking. Take time to fish a little; it'll help a lot.

"If I studied only to hear what pleased me, Angelo, I should never have returned to Rome." "Why, then, I heard a constable of the Northmen say, meaningly, that the place will not be carried." "Humph! And what said the captains of my Roman Legion?" "My Lord, I have heard it whispered that they fear defeat less than they do the revenge of the Barons, if they are successful."