If this scheme of mine which I have had in my mind for a long time should eventuate, as I guess it will, I shall want you to take a hand in it. You are exactly the sort of young fellow that I have been looking for, and I guess I can make it quite worth your while to chip in with me. But I won't say any more about it just now there will be plenty of time to talk matters over later on.

"Right, first guess," says I. "By the way you're gawpin' at it, though, it might be a young zebra or a baby hippopotamus. But it's just a mere puppy. Airedale." "Oh!" says Vee, gaspier than ever. "An an Airedale?" "Well?" says I. "Wasn't that the kind I've heard you boostin' all along?" "Ye-e-es," says she, draggy, "I I suppose it was.

They'll sit here safe at home and beg money God, one of them was in the office to-day! and send a young girl over to You'd better get out, Belle. I'm not company for any one to-night." She turned away, but he came after her, and suddenly putting his arms round her he kissed her. "Don't worry about me," he said. "I'm done with wearing my heart on my sleeve. She looks happy, so I guess I can be."

"Ah, many ask that," they were told, "though the sensation was a little gone by." "What sensation?" Jock asked, while his mother trembled so much that she had to sit down on one of the velvet chairs. "I guess you are a stranger, sir, from England?

This also is a rude guess at an analogy supposed to pervade all phenomena, however dissimilar. Thus, because the heavenly bodies wereperfect,” they must move in circles and uniformly.

'Then why do you cry? he persisted. 'I have many things to cry for, she replied, 'more than you could ever guess. 'Come home with me, said the prince; 'it is not very far. Come home to my father and mother. I am a king's son. 'Then why are you here? she said, opening her eyes and staring at him.

"Mantelish brought it back to Maccadon with him, mainly because of its similarity to 113. He was curious because he couldn't even guess at what its function was. It was just lying there in a cubicle.

Poking his forefinger through the hole, he enlarged it to some extent. "More like a forty-four now," he said in a satisfied tone. Margaret Slattery brought up the hot water and some fresh firewood for his stove, in which the fire burned low. "Would you be liking a drink of whiskey, Mr. Thane?" she inquired, with a stealthy look over her shoulder. "You're all done up, and half-frozen, I guess."

Jist give me the 't'ority to shupirintind it, and you go sit down." "I guess you're right, McGrath," I answered, and then, in a louder tone, for the benefit of the detail, "McGrath, you see to the loading of the grub. McGrath was about thirty years old, and a splendid soldier. He had served a term in the British army in the old country, and was fully onto his present job.

Bolton sighed deeply, and continued in a strain whose diffusiveness at last became perceptible to Miss Kilburn through her own humiliation. "There's some in every community that's bound to complain, I don't care what you do to accommodate 'em; and what I done, I done as much to stop their clack as anything, and give him the right sort of a start off, an' I guess I did.