She's a great hand to visit; she 'll be spendin' the day somewhere from now till Thanksgivin', but there 's plenty o' places at the Landin' where she goes, an' if I ain't there she 'll just select another. I thought mother might be in, too, 'tis so pleasant; but I run up the road to look off this mornin' before you was awake, and there was no sign o' the boat.

It is at the head of a rocky gully; it is very rough to reach, and no feed within a mile and a half of it. There was plenty of water in the hole, which is about six feet deep. A white gum-tree close to the pool is marked GOS, 19, and I marked under it, on same tree, F 90, being 90th camp from Geraldton.

"No," she said; "any night that you like I will come here alone, go through the barns and fasten the doors." "I do not believe there are many girls who would do that," he said; he was thinking of Denah and Anna. Julia told him there were plenty who would.

Screened by this barricade, and armed with lances and bows of which there were plenty at hand he proposed, when the breach was made, to check the further advance of the foe.

"It won't take long to find out whether the Mexican gent is enjoying the fresh air on top of the cars," announced Jim; "there's plenty of snow on top and none has fallen for the past six hours." The conductor hit Jim a clip on the shoulder. "Long head, boy!" he exclaimed, "I never thought of that." "He's certainly not roosting up there," declared Jim.

"ROSWELL HOLMES, ESQ., Fort Laramie. Parsons streaking it for Cheyenne. Has plenty money. Close at his heels. Whatever sensation or suppressed mystery may have existed at the post prior to the receipt of the brief despatch announcing that the soldier, Parsons, had "bolted," it was all as nothing compared with the excitements of the week that followed. Miller's first impulse, when Mr.

The general moderation, and the cheap and plenty time that characterized it, culminated in 1844, when bread was 4 pence the 4-pound loaf, rich fresh butter 3 pence a pound, and beef and mutton 1 penny.

I've already posed her in a dozen ways in my mind," answered Shirley. "Get it on paper, kid!" laughed Kit. "You've never seen me let any grass grow under my feet, have you?" laughed Shirley. "No, I haven't. You don't talk much, but you do plenty." "I'll need to do plenty, if I'm to make Shirley's Shop a success," the girl answered with a happy smile that was full of hope and enthusiasm.

"Oh, pa, did you help build that church?" "Guess there's plenty round as would tell you so, if you asked, though this minister don't know, 'cause he's new." "Say, pa, can't I have a red Bible? Of course it wouldn't be just like getting into Sunday-school regular, like the primaries, but I would like a red Bible." "There it is again! All wrong.

Young Frank and I will scout half a mile out on the right of the caravan; Rube and Jim, you go the same distance on the left; that way we can see them coming, and the teamsters will have plenty of time to form up the waggons.