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We all know that class of scientific laborers to whom all facts are alike nourishing mental food, and who seem to exercise no choice whatever, provided only they can get hold of these same indiscriminate facts in quantity sufficient. They browse on them, as the animal to which they would not like to be compared browses on his thistles.

He did not care to speak of the northern waters: of Tay, which the Roman invaders compared to Tiber; of Laxford, the river of salmon; or of the "thundering Spey."

But this did not satisfy Kate at all; the pinning out of the leaf was stupid work compared with the glory of making the ink fly.

"Even if smiths were persecuted like us Jews, and he ran from your guild to another out of fear?" "No that would be base, and can scarcely be compared with your case; for see you are acquainted with everything, even what is called Christianity; nay, the Saviour is dear to you; you have already told me so. Well then!

The British started late, but the discipline of servitude and unmitigated personal rule in their case was relatively brief and relatively ineffectual; that is to say, as compared with what their German cousins had to endure and to learn in the like connection.

I had noticed the modern look of the barque, as compared with the ancient build of the hulks amidst which she was lying, when I first came aboard of her; and as I was about to leave her my eye being caught by the soundness of a bit of line made fast to a belaying-pin on her rail the thought occurred to me that I might find on her something or other still fit to be called food.

No man ever learned or ever will learn to sing because of these things. It is true he may have learned to sing in spite of them, which shows that Nature is kind; but as compared to the whole, he is one in a thousand. "The New Movement" has come to stay. It will, of course, meet with bitter opposition. Why not?

She started easily: "That's it; they always intimate that running a ranch is mere cream puffs compared to a regular business, and they'd like to do the same thing to-morrow if only they was ready to retire from active life.

The appearance generally should indicate a dog of great strength, and very active for his build and size, moving freely with the body swung loosely between the legs, which gives a slight roll in gait. This has been compared to a sailor's roll, and is typical of the breed.

Slip me the twenty." Kennedy leisurely tore the wrappings from the packet. "I suppose you have already looked at this first and found that it isn't worth anything to you compared to twenty dollars. Anyhow, you kept your word. Hello what is it?" He had disclosed several small packets. Inside each, sealed, was a peculiar glistening whitish powder. "H'm," mused Kennedy, "another job for the chemist.